• Bronze Bangle
Bronze Bangle

Bronze Bangle


  • Extra small, diametre 6.0 cm
  • Small, diametre 6.25 cm
  • Medium, diametre 6.75"
  • Large, diametre 6.75 cm
  • Extra-Large, diametre 7.0cm
  • 2xExtra-Large, diametre 7.25"

Elegant and sleek bronze bangle with slightly imperfect curves.  Lovely worn stacked with or without handcrafted charms.

You will receive a bangle similar in shape but not exact as the one shown as each bangle is hand formed and metal worked in Sandra's studio in Edmonton.

Can also be found with various handcrafted charms:

Bronze Bangle and Bronze Open Heart

Bronze Bangle and Bronze Petite Heart

Bronze Bangle and Bronze XO Pendant

Bronze Bangle and Fine Silver Heart


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