Cherish Fly Necklace


I created this mixed metal necklace in support of the fundraiser for the Ortona Gymnastics Tumbling and Trampolining athletes who will be going to Portugal for the 2017 Scalabis Cup in San Tarem, Portugal, July, 2017.  The words CHERISH and FLY represented the thoughts of one parent who was asked what she felt when she watched her daughter compete.  This necklace is composed of handcrafted bronze, rose quartz semi-precious stone, sterling silver rectangle link chain and a druzy quartz pendant edged in 22 kt gold.  The necklace measures 36" in length.  

This necklace is valued at $200.  The draw for entering a chance to win this necklace will be on February 12th.  Enter draw at the Saville Centre, Ortona gymnastics, February 3rd and 4th.  This necklace is not for sale.

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