Lava Form Collection: Wai Aquamarine Cluster Necklace


"Wai" is Hawaiian for "water"

Inspired by the lava formations and unending sky beyond the China Walls in Oahu, Hawaii.

Hand sculpted and metal worked bronze and fine silver lava pendants with unpredictable formations of lines and layers like the rock found along the edge of the China Walls of Oahu.  One soft pastel blue aquamarine semi-precious stone completes the charm set. This cluster of pendants measure approximately 2cm x 2cm.  Pendants are suspended from a 2 in 1 sterling silver chain that can be worn at 34" long by opening up the chain, and at 17" long by doubling up the chain and placing the toggle through the link above the pendants.  

You will receive a set of charms and necklace similar but not exact as the one shown as each fine silver and bronze piece is individually metalworked in Sandra's studio in Edmonton.  Each aquamarine nugget will also differ slightly in tone and shape.

Suggested matching jewelry:

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Layer with:

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