About Sandra & Erin

 sandra & erin paetsch:  makers

Sandra & Erin are a mom and daughter behind the Orange Avocado Jewelry design company from Edmonton, Alberta. We are a small batch jewelry company creating new collections every year.  We specialize in personalized, wedding and permanent jewelry in our home studio in Edmonton. 

Sandra  began her jewelry line in 2004.  Since she was a child she was always able to make “something from nothing” where her love of art, creation, and individuality shone through. Restless for something fresh and challenging, Sandra began to venture into the world of hand made jewelry, metalworking of precious metals … pure silver, solid gold, gold-filled metals & bronze.

Erin officially joined the company full time in the fall of 2022 after years of watching Sandra create in her studio.  In the background she was always helping to make the jewelry. She would also help customers choose the perfect piece at every one of Sandra's jewelry shows.  

So, in their Edmonton studio they create away using fine silver (99.9% silver), bronze metal clay as well as solid gold and gold filled metals. Every piece is created by hand; from the initial sketches to the actual hand sculpting and metal working of the kiln fired pieces. There is no mass production involved.  They create each piece one by one.
Their inspiration  comes from travel, walks & bike rides along the beautiful Edmonton river valley.   The scenery is ever changing along those paths.  The jewelry is ever-changing; ever-evolving just like those trails. They challenge themselves and go beyond the ordinary to create something that is exquisite, wearable & most of all unique. Orange Avocado Jewelry is a combination of classic modern design with natural elements.
Our studio
is composed a various work stations: 
Metal clay work, metal working, polishing and jewelry composition.

Sandra practiced as a speech-language pathologist in a hospital setting and worked with children & adults for 14 years which gave her perspective. Now Sandra & Erin have chosen the path of creativity and experimentation with metalworking and making artful jewelry.   It is what they love.



My Orange and my Avocado
To my daughter who loved oranges
To my son who loved avocados
When they were wee little ones
To my husband who challenges me
To become the best that I can be
And who loves me unconditionally
To my friends & family who support me through my business and life
To my customers & boutique owners who believe in me...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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