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Choose from 14K solid gold, 14K gold filled or sterling silver chain.  We will micro-fuse the chain together in one flash in our studio on the south side of Edmonton to fit your wrist perfectly.  It is a process called arc-welding; a painless process that fuses a chain together with a tiny link.  There is no clasp and it stays on permanently...unless you want it off (with a snip of a pair of scissors).  You are left with a delicate and beautiful piece of jewelry on your wrist.  Celebrate an everlasting bond.

Currently bookings are done through:

Email -
Phone Erin Paetsch:  780-667-3191
Instagram Messaging (OrangeavocadojewelryLTD)
Once we have established your appointment we will provide the address of our home studio which is on the south side of Edmonton, one block south of the Derrick Golf & Winter Club.  Appointments are booked back to back and we allot 20 minutes per customer.  If you must cancel please do it 24 hours or more before your appointment.  

Host a Spark Forever Bracelet Party with Orange Avocado Jewelry

Host a Spark Forever Bracelet party with Orange Avocado Jewelry. WHEN HOSTING EACH PERSON ATTENDING WILL RECEIVE 10% THEIR FIRST BRACELET.   Choose a delicate & beautiful permanent bracelet for yourself, friends or family.   We will come to your home and set up a Spark Forever Bracelet station for you and a minimum of 7 other people (total 8 people). A beautiful shimmer for your wrist.   
For more information please contact:
Phone:  Erin Paetsch at 780-667-3191
DM through Instagram:  OrangeavocadojewelryLTD
DM through Facebook:  Orange Avocado Jewelry by Sandra Paetsch

How to Choose the Best Precious Metal for You

To help you decide what precious metal to use for your Spark Forever Permanent bracelet I have an informative blog about each metal.  Read about the characteristics of 14K Solid Gold, 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Jewelry HERE



Add a Beautiful Gemstone

For an additional $15 you can add a semi-precious gemstone (based on availability). 


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