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4th time winning in this category!

VUE WEEKLY September, 2016 Edition

Voted by Edmontonians for the THIRD TIME!!

Orange Avocado Jewelry: "BEST CUSTOM JEWELRY STORE" for 2015

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Vue Weekly September, 2015 Edition

Voted by Edmontonians "Best Custom Jewelry Store" for Best of Edmonton 2014

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Vue Weekly September, 2014 Edition

Featured in "Avenue Edmonton" Magazine September 2014

"Made in Edmonton" Feature

Bronze Triple Entwined Link Bracelet with Fine silver Faceted Nuggets


Featured in the Edmonton Journal "Style" Section June, 2013
Featured in the January 2013 Issue of "Avenue" Edmonton Magazine 
Fine silver link swarovski pearl earrings & fine silver nugget swarovski pendant bracelet  
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Voted by Edmontonians "Best Custom Local Jewelry Store" for 2012.

Thank you to all that voted for Orange Avocado Jewelry!



Featured in the September/October 2012 issue of Edmonton Woman on pages 28-29.


Featured in Blush Magazine Spring Edition 2011 on pages 13, 53, 54, & 57.

Featured in City and Dale, November 2011.

Featured in the Edmonton Journal, Life Style Section, March 7, 2009