Bronze and Silver Polish Paper


You will receive an 400 fine grit, 30 micron polish paper measuring 5.5" x 4".  Recommended for removal of surface tarnish on your bronze and silver pieces leaving a matte brushed texture on your piece.  Use in a circular motion over your jewelry piece.  Not recommended for chain.

This item can be shipped with your purchase.

Jewelry storage tip:

It is recommended that your Orange Avocado Jewelry be stored in a plastic baggie provided with your jewelry purchase or in an airtight jewelry box to reduce tarnishing when not worn.  Take off your jewelry to shower, or while putting on makeup or perfume.  Do not store your jewelry out in the open exposed to the air as this increases tarnishing.  Wearing and touching your jewelry coats your jewelry with your natural oils which also helps reduce tarnishing.  Following these steps will preserve your Orange Avocado Jewelry for years to come.

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