GRAD MMXXIV (2024) Collection: Fine Silver Link & Bronze Pebble Necklace


  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"
  • 22"

  • A beautiful mixed metal necklace to celebrate years of hard work.
  • An organic  & freeform shaped fine silver link and bronze pebble charm
  • Any year can be stamped on the fine silver link, ie:  MMXXIV (2024) 
  • Suspended from a 14 kt gold filled chain.  
  • The fine silver link is approximately 15 mm in diameter and can accommodate up to 10 characters and spaces. Please indicate your word(s) in the space provided. 
  • Upper case 2.5 mm tall font.  
  • You will receive ONE necklace that is similar but not exact as the one shown as each silver link is individually hand sculpted and stamped in Sandra's studio in Edmonton. There are irregularities in stamping due to the nature of hand stamping. 

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