Mother Daughter Necklace - Petite Bronze Link


  • 16"-18"
  • 18"-20"
  • 20"-22"
  • 22"-24"

A mother's love, a daughter's devotion; a forever bond. 

  • Two petite entwined bronze links to represent the relationship between a mother and her daughter (or son). 
  • Bronze links are approximately 10 mm and 17 mm diameter.
  • Suspended from a sterling silver chain. 
  • This is the smaller link version of the Mother Daughter Necklace. 
  • Shown beside the larger link Bold Bronze Link - Mother Daughter Necklace for comparison of sizing.
  • You will receive a necklace similar but not exact as the one shown as each link is individually metal worked.
  • Model is wearing varying lengths of chain, and is 5.5" tall, petite build

Variations of this necklace:

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