Peruvian Pink Opal & Fine Silver Stretch Bracelet


  • Extra-small 6.5"
  • Small 6.75"
  • Medium 7.0"
  • Medium/Large 7.25"
  • Large 7.5"
  • Extra-Large 7.75"

The softest pink pastel shades in these Peruvian Pink Opal semi-precious stones contrasted with 2.5mm fine silver beads.  A set of 3 semi-precious stones on either side of the bracelet balances out the weight where you will always have a set of the beads showing on the top of the wrist.

You will receive one bracelet similar but not exact as the one shown as each semi-precious stone is individually cut and will have varying degrees of creamy pinks and rose tones.

Shown layered with 2 of the same bracelet.

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