Watermelon Tourmaline & Gold Beaded Double Wrap Bracelet


  • Extra-Small 13.0"
  • Small 13.5"
  • Medium 14.0"
  • Medium/Large 14.5"
  • Large 14.75"
  • Extra-Large 15.0"

Stunning watermelon tourmaline semi-precious stones contrasted with classic gold beads.

  • Micro-faceted watermelon tourmaline semi-precious stones (3mm).  This is a powerful heart stone that helps calm and soothe your emotions.
  • 12K gold filled beads (3mm)
  • This is a double wrap bracelet with a 14K gold filled clasp and link closure.
  • Read about the benefits of Gold Filled Jewelry
  • Watermelon tourmaline is named after its color properties: pink in its centre with a green perimetre.  
  • Stone colours: pink, green, yellow, blue.
  • You will receive a bracelet similar in colour variations but not exact as the one shown.  


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