GOLD FILLED JEWELRY - The Luxury of solid gold without the cost

Published Aug 28 2021 in

I have incorporated elements of 14K gold filled metal into many of my designs.  I love the contrast of the gold with my fine silver handcrafted pieces.  Although I absolutely love working with solid gold and have created many pieces using solid gold, there are so many benefits of owning gold filled jewelry as opposed to solid gold as a consumer. 

Gold filled jewelry is gold that is heat bonded onto a base metal and does not wear off like gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry.  It has 100% more gold than gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry.  As a result will not tarnish because of its high gold content. Gold filled jewelry fulfills the luxury of gold without the cost. Your gold filled jewelry will last for years.

The following collections have 14 kt gold filled elements as a large component of the jewelry collection.


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