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  • Rest & Renewal 2018: The simple things in life.

    Published Jan 03 2018 in New Collections

    I opened the door to my studio today after a 2 week vacation away in Kailua, Hawaii.  I poured out the beads I purchased in my favourite bead store from Hawaii & immediately began sketching and arranging them in what will become part of my spring and summer collection 2018.  It's always exciting, fun and challenging to bring my ideas and sketches to life.  

    These beads bring to me memories of enjoying the simple things in life.  We usually stay at my sister's home in beautiful Kailua.  We made homemade ricotta and yogurt, took the boat out to Kaneohe Bay, devoured poke from Tamura's, ate at cool restaurants, and wore flip flops everyday.  I try to run everyday; always relishing the last run of the trip. Near the end of a run my husband said:  this is your last 4 minutes running in Hawaii.  I didn't sprint...I jogged slowly and felt the sun on my face. 

    Here's to feeling the sun on your face and enjoying the simple things in life.  

    I am forever grateful.

  • Arctic Blossoms: Hidden Moments

    Published Sep 06 2017 in New Collections


    Every day I travel the river valley trails by foot or by bike in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. Each time the scenery changes from day to day and from season to season.  However, it is in the fall and winter months that I notice the little things.  

    I see the first leaf that turns golden yellow accompanied with the scent of fall in the air.  Snowfall comes and parts of nature are hidden under feathery layers of snow.  In those layers are arctic blossoms that will soon rise up after 4 to 5 months of hibernating.  

    The Arctic Blossoms Collection is a romantic take on those moments of yellow leaves and hidden buds. It is a jewelry collection that represents the random nature of those buds and leaves.  A feminine collection of gentle curves captured in little packages of bronze and silver. 

  • Wings of Hope: Changing Leaves Collection

    Published Jun 18 2017 in New Collections, Philanthropy Jewelry


    I am honoured to be chosen out of a group of jewelry designers to be a part of the "Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation"  2017 jewelry collection.  

    This organization provides assistance for low income breast cancer patients who have received in the past or are currently receiving treatment at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. Please read more about this wonderful organization on their website: Wings of Hope.

    This charitable organization requested a collection that would represent Alberta. After careful thought and pulling from my experiences as an Albertan, my "Changing Leaves Collection" was created. This collection is inspired by the seasonal landscape of the beautiful forests of Alberta.

    From spring to summer & fall to winter those leaves evolve representing growth, life & change.
    From a bud in the spring, growth throughout our summer and eventual departure from the trees that it came from; it is those leaves that feed the ground that it was born from.  
    Each stage is beautiful and enchanting.

    My personal appreciation of the great outdoors, love of the river valley & trails of Alberta serve as an inspiration for the Changing Leaves Collection in support of this charitable organization.  

    A significant portion of the sales of this jewelry collection will be donated to the Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Find the Wings of Hope Changing Leaves Collection online:

  • The Starfish Collection: Making a Difference

    Published May 31 2017 in New Collections

    One day a man was walking along the 
    beach when he noticed a boy picking up
    and gently throwing things into the ocean.
    Approaching the boy he asked:
    "Young man,what are you doing?"
    The boy replied, "Throwing starfish back into the ocean.  
    The surf is up and the tide is going out.
    If I don't throw them back, they'll die."
    The man laughed to himself and said,
    "Do you realize there are miles and miles of beach
    and hundreds of starfish? You can't make any difference."
    After listening politely, the boy bent down,
    picked up another starfish and threw it into the surf,
    then smiling at the man, he said:
    "I made a difference to that one."
    by Loren Eiseley

  • Cubist Collection: Graceful and Strong

    Published Feb 01 2017 in New Collections

    The Cubist Collection reflects the modernist movement of the early 20th Century:  
    In this time, art in the form of paintings took on simple geometric and abstract shapes to represent natural forms. Interlocking panels represented those life forms in a collage of angular shapes & curves. The Cubist Collection takes these simple shapes and transforms them into modern pieces of jewelry meant to be layered like a collage. This collection represents those that are graceful and strong.  
    Pablo Picasso "Ma Jolie", Paris 1911-12


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