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  • Ellipse Collection: Spring/Summer 2023

    Published Mar 23 2023 in industrial, mixed metals, New Collection spring summer, New Collections

    The Ellipse Collection is a set of jewelry that has an industrial edge to it.  Sterling silver layered with gold filled freeform shapes & hammered textures.  I have metal worked pieces with acute edges balanced with softer freeform circles.  

    I began my jewelry company 17 years ago after visiting the beautiful town of Paia in Maui.  I was inspired by the jewelry I purchased in a little boutique.  Years later it has come full circle with my daughter, Erin, joining the business full time and finding similar inspiraton.  I am now mentoring Erin about jewelry making and running a business.  I would have never thought that it would arrive at this, but it seems right.  Welcome Erin to Orange Avocado Jewelry.

    This journey has taken me full circle and I am excited for the future with Erin.

    Discover the ELLIPSE COLLECTION.

    xo sandra


  • HERA Collection: Homage to You

    Published Aug 28 2021 in New, New Collections, small earrings

    HERA COLLECTION - Here's to you

    The HERA Collection is a mixed metal collection of gracefully wrapped columns of 14 kt gold fill and sterling silver.  Intricate spirals of gold and silver built upon silver forms or suspended alone.  Jewelry pieces delicate on its own or spontaneous wrappings of gold around silver or the finishing touch on a baroque creamy pearl.  All of it subtle and quiet pieces of modern jewelry.

    Hera is the goddess of woman in Greek mythology.  She is also the goddess of marriage, family and childbirth.  She is the protector of all women.  We all have someone in our lives that serves this role at each stage of our lives.  Sometimes she remains the same person, sometimes she changes but she is always present.  My protector has been my mom through every stage of my life, and even when I didn't even know it.

    She has been the constant in my life.  Every time I pull out a recipe for a Chinese delicacy I am reminded that she taught me how to cook and appreciate my ethnic heritage.  Every time I sketch a piece of jewelry I am reminded of her beautiful handwriting and hidden artistic skills. And every time I say good night to my family I am reminded of her presence at home that made me feel safe.  My mom is my Hera.  

  • The Luna Collection

    Published Apr 07 2021 in earring studs, hand etched, hand made jewelry, LUna, moon, new collection, new collections, small earrings, spring, spring summer 2021 collection, stars, stars fine silver

    The Luna Collection is about the moon and the stars.

    My dad used to pick me up from piano lessons when I was young.  And each night from the car to the house we would gaze up at the light of the moon and stars. Each night my dad and I would look for the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. As we navigated the dark sky together he always found these two constellations first and I always found them second.  This was the constant between us.

    This past summer my husband and I travelled to Summer land BC & we slept under the stars...literally. We put mattresses on the dock and watched the falling stars.  The black sky was lit up with all of the constellations.  This time I found the Big and Little Dipper first, on my own.  Decades later that constant & emanating light still shone. 

    I'll never forget those simple nights with my dad and that short little walk that included gazing at the moon, the stars and the big and the little dippers.  

    The Luna Collection is about those walks, the discovery of the moon and the stars and family. 

     This collection is nolonger available.


    Photo cred:  Kelly G

  • Curve Collection: FW20/21

    Published Aug 27 2020 in New Collections


    Curve Collection is one of fluid lines in signature Orange Avocado Jewelry bronze & fine silver links.  It is a minimalistic collection that speaks volumes.  Graceful forms are linked in unison to compose simple yet intriguing shapes that follow the curves of your body.  This collection has been created when parts of the world seem to be in chaos and uncertainty.  The semi-precious stones in this collection are in gorgeous jewel tones.  Faceted apatite in deep blues & greens, deep red garnet stones and smokey quartz add luxury to this collection.  The Curve Collection represents what we need right now:  Classic pieces representing stability and something to ground ourselves with.  Sandra has designed each piece with balance and proportion in mind.   It is a collection emanating a quiet strength with seamless transitions from earrings, necklaces to bracelets.   The Curve Collection:   Where simple is outstanding.

    Explore The Curve Collection.

  • Lava Form Collection: Unpredictable Beauty

    Published Mar 03 2020 in My Story, New Collections

    On a recent visit to Kailua, Hawaii we visited the "China Walls": A vast lava rock formation called “pahoehoe” or “smooth lava” in the heart of Oahu, near the base of Koko Head.  The petrified lava is not the traditional black tone but a lighter shade of greys, blues and greens as a greenish blue semiprecious stone has been embedded in the rock.  This rock contrasts with the brilliant blue sky & ocean & white splashes of waves.  The immense cliff and the rogue waves crashing into and sometimes on top of the cliff was breath taking.  Everyone jumped off the cliff at their own risk only to be challenged by climbing out of the water impeded by the waves and current. 

    And this was the inspiration for my new Lava Form Collection.  I wanted to emulate the irregular and ever changing landscape of the rock and the circular holes that formed pockets of water. 

    An unpredictable formation of lines and layers of rock:  like an unmade bed. I wanted to my bronze and silver pendants to remind me of the surface of the lava rock smoothed over by the continual washing of the waves. In this collection I have used larimar, aquamarine and amazonite semi precious stones to represent the sky & water.   Moonstone semi precious stones represent the white tops of the waves.  

    The Lava Form Collection is a composition of random and uncomplicated beauty.  It will always bring me back to that adventurous day with my family to a place that felt like the edge of the world. 

    Visit the: Lava Form Collection.


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