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  • It's a new day

    Published Jan 06 2022 in My Story, New, new beginnings, new collection

    Christmas has come and gone and the rush of the orders and deadlines have subsided.  January is always a different mix of busy.  So many to do things on my list get crossed off; because I have honestly procrastinated the inevitable. I turn up the music and start on the list. First a foremost is cleaning my studio.  I'm glad to say that I am 1/2 way there and it's only the first week of January!  

    Then there are the supplies which I take inventory of.  Do I have enough silver and bronze for the upcoming season?  Add now a touch of solid gold...that's exciting for me!  You will see the expansion of my new 14 kt solid gold collection.  Each piece made to order one gorgeous piece at a time. That's what we call slow fashion.   


    I am also working on my new Spring and Summer Collection.  Let's just say that it's sweet, bright and pretty!  I am always looking for ways to set my jewelry apart from the masses.  One way is creating each piece one by one; there is no mass production involved. 


    Another is the launch of my new packaging.  I'm so excited to share it with you.  Your jewelry will be packaged in a beautiful black slide out jewelry box and a micro fibre jewelry pouch with the Orange Avocado Jewelry logo and a ziploc baggie to reduce tarnishing.   In efforts to reduce our impact on the environment you do have the option of choosing your preference for the number of boxes and jewelry pouches. 


    I'm moving into my 20th year of creating jewelry for you.  And each year I feel like I'm just getting started.  Scrolling through Instagram my friend posted this saying: "You will never always be motivated; so you must learn to be disciplined."  After 20 years, I truly believe that this is why I'm still here.  


    xo sandra

  • Lava Form Collection: Unpredictable Beauty

    Published Mar 03 2020 in My Story, New Collections

    On a recent visit to Kailua, Hawaii we visited the "China Walls": A vast lava rock formation called “pahoehoe” or “smooth lava” in the heart of Oahu, near the base of Koko Head.  The petrified lava is not the traditional black tone but a lighter shade of greys, blues and greens as a greenish blue semiprecious stone has been embedded in the rock.  This rock contrasts with the brilliant blue sky & ocean & white splashes of waves.  The immense cliff and the rogue waves crashing into and sometimes on top of the cliff was breath taking.  Everyone jumped off the cliff at their own risk only to be challenged by climbing out of the water impeded by the waves and current. 

    And this was the inspiration for my new Lava Form Collection.  I wanted to emulate the irregular and ever changing landscape of the rock and the circular holes that formed pockets of water. 

    An unpredictable formation of lines and layers of rock:  like an unmade bed. I wanted to my bronze and silver pendants to remind me of the surface of the lava rock smoothed over by the continual washing of the waves. In this collection I have used larimar, aquamarine and amazonite semi precious stones to represent the sky & water.   Moonstone semi precious stones represent the white tops of the waves.  

    The Lava Form Collection is a composition of random and uncomplicated beauty.  It will always bring me back to that adventurous day with my family to a place that felt like the edge of the world. 

    Visit the: Lava Form Collection.

  • Christmas Show Gratitude

    Published Nov 29 2018 in Events, My Story

    Gratitude is what I feel today❤️. So many thanks to my customers who came out to my Christmas show yesterday.  You braved the icy roads to support my little business.  Over 200 people attended the is it so I say each time to my daughter.  So much love to my friends and family who helped me with my show:  Calla, Kirsten, Erin, Rayna, Roma, Alex, Jackie,Debbie, my mom Kim and Aidan.  I cannot do it without your help each year!  Each of you make changes in your busy schedules to help me...incredible! A final thanks to the staff at the Derrick Club, they are the most accommodating and friendly people to work with. Big hugs to all of you.  Now go and enjoy your jewelry.

  • My Story

    Published Jul 08 2015 in My Story

    A customer, Nicole, took this picture from a roadside fruit stand in San Francisco and sent it to me. For those that don't know the story of why I named my jewelry company after two yummy fruits here it is. I have two children who are now 15 and 17 years old. When they were small little toddlers they loved food and trying new things all of the time. My daughter Erin loved oranges and my son Aidan loved avocados. These were simple pleasures for them. They were always open to trying new foods and eating whatever mom put in front of them. I have always loved food and trying new things as well.

    My kids are growing up too fast, but those memories of oranges and avocados allover their little faces and everything else that I did with them will stay with me forever. I love those memories and I love my kids.


  • The Story Continues...

    Published Apr 30 2015 in Events, My Story

    My story began with a little bead shop in Kailua, Hawaii and a handful of beads over 10 years ago.  Travelling to Kailua every year to visit my sister I became a regular visitor to this unique little store in the heart of the town.  A stash of beads in one hand, metres of chain in the other with flip flops on my feet I was set to make another collection of jewelry. Now, many beads  and thousands of hours later of metalworking, I am still working at my craft of hand made jewelry. Creating something for you that is unique and wearable continues to be my daily challenge.
    Wrapping up my spring jewelry show this year I am so thankful for all that I have.  I have so many friends and family to thank for helping me on this busy day:  Tracy, Lisa, Diane, Jackie, Catherine, the staff at the Derrick Golf & Winter club Angie and Joseph and my family Debbie, Roma, Aidan, Paul and Erin.  I cannot say enough of my new and regular customers who support my little jewelry business.  Over 100 attendees for my spring show purchasing pieces for friends, family and themselves: I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  It is you that motivates me to continue to spend hours a day creating daily jewels for you.  It keeps me young; you keep me young!  So, until my next story...


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