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  • My Story

    Published Jul 08 2015 in My Story

    A customer, Nicole, took this picture from a roadside fruit stand in San Francisco and sent it to me. For those that don't know the story of why I named my jewelry company after two yummy fruits here it is. I have two children who are now 15 and 17 years old. When they were small little toddlers they loved food and trying new things all of the time. My daughter Erin loved oranges and my son Aidan loved avocados. These were simple pleasures for them. They were always open to trying new foods and eating whatever mom put in front of them. I have always loved food and trying new things as well.

    My kids are growing up too fast, but those memories of oranges and avocados allover their little faces and everything else that I did with them will stay with me forever. I love those memories and I love my kids.


  • The Story Continues...

    Published Apr 30 2015 in Events, My Story

    My story began with a little bead shop in Kailua, Hawaii and a handful of beads over 10 years ago.  Travelling to Kailua every year to visit my sister I became a regular visitor to this unique little store in the heart of the town.  A stash of beads in one hand, metres of chain in the other with flip flops on my feet I was set to make another collection of jewelry. Now, many beads  and thousands of hours later of metalworking, I am still working at my craft of hand made jewelry. Creating something for you that is unique and wearable continues to be my daily challenge.
    Wrapping up my spring jewelry show this year I am so thankful for all that I have.  I have so many friends and family to thank for helping me on this busy day:  Tracy, Lisa, Diane, Jackie, Catherine, the staff at the Derrick Golf & Winter club Angie and Joseph and my family Debbie, Roma, Aidan, Paul and Erin.  I cannot say enough of my new and regular customers who support my little jewelry business.  Over 100 attendees for my spring show purchasing pieces for friends, family and themselves: I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  It is you that motivates me to continue to spend hours a day creating daily jewels for you.  It keeps me young; you keep me young!  So, until my next story...

  • Staying Good; Staying True

    Published Jan 04 2015 in My Story, New Collections

    I just spent the last 10 days over the Christmas holidays regenerating my soul & taking a break from jewelry requests. My jewelry business has grown over the last couple of years to working full time most days.  Breaks are long overdue as each jewelry piece is handcrafted and metal worked; every line and curve made with intention and artisanal love.   Renewal and regeneration means to me biking, swimming & running with my family; then exploring the many eateries in Edmonton (my 2nd passion). My jewelry room gets a long overdue cleanup which helps me clear my mind for the next season's jewelry designs. I can't wait to show you what I have in store...some romance, some edginess. Let's just say that my kiln has been working over the holidays!  Here's a sneak peek...hope to reveal in the next couple of weeks.  Staying good; staying true. xo

  • Farmer's Market Season: Meeting You

    Published Jun 11 2014 in Events, My Story

    I would have to say that one of the most rewarding parts of my job is meeting the people that make it possible for me to make jewelry everyday.  Although I do this through various ways, one of my favourites is at the local farmer's markets in Edmonton.  Ever since its induction the Southwest Edmonton Farmer's Market in the Terwillegar Rec Centre lot I have been an occasional vendor.  This market was small at first, but since it was in my neighbourhood in south Edmonton I wanted to support something truly local; truly in my backyard.  I have been back every year and I've seen the market grow and establish itself in the neighbourhood.  My customers have become familiar faces whom I not only sell jewelry to, but whom I talk to about family, kids, work; something that we all share.  Life is so much more interesting when you can share it with someone else.  And of course I purchase my veggies from Riverbend Gardens, beef jerky from Jerky Jerky, kettle corn for the kids and always something new from a new vendor.  Supporting local is where it's at!

    I have also been fortunate to be a vendor for a third year at the St. Albert Farmer's Market.  This market is so worth the drive to Perron St. in St. Albert.  I'm always excited to set up my table quickly so that I can do my own shopping at the amazing variety of food vendors at this market.  When the market opens to the public, though, there is no time for shopping.  I am always amazed at the number of new customers I get every time I attend this market.  They have never seen my jewelry, but feel connected to it once they see it.  I am grateful.

    I always bring something new to these markets; many one of kind pieces of jewelry for many beautiful & unique women.  So the next time you see me at one of these markets, stop and chat. Because...

    Life is so much more interesting when you can share it with someone else.

  • Rose Velvet Collection: FW 2013

    Published Aug 31 2013 in My Story, New Collections


    I’m a romantic at heart.  My most romantic gift from my husband was a poem that he wrote while I was attending school out of the country.  He had to send down my winter boots and tucked away in the box was a little piece of paper with a, well, unforgettable poem written on it.  It read our lives at that time.  Quite a few years later I framed that poem and re-gifted it to my husband as a wedding anniversary gift.  He was...speechless.  
     The feeling I get from my rose bronze and rose gold swarovski crystal pieces is romance and tradition (just like that poem). I’ve taken my rose bronze and rose gold to another level...a level of casual modern with a hint of elegance. Subtle touches of rose gold are found in my Rose Velvet Collection just to show how special it is.  I’m letting the rose bronze and rose gold swarovski crystals speak for themselves, because it does it so well. 
    Nothing but the best for my rose hued pieces; nothing but the best for you.  I want to make you speechless.


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