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Published Jul 08 2015 in My Story

A customer, Nicole, took this picture from a roadside fruit stand in San Francisco and sent it to me. For those that don't know the story of why I named my jewelry company after two yummy fruits here it is. I have two children who are now 15 and 17 years old. When they were small little toddlers they loved food and trying new things all of the time. My daughter Erin loved oranges and my son Aidan loved avocados. These were simple pleasures for them. They were always open to trying new foods and eating whatever mom put in front of them. I have always loved food and trying new things as well.

My kids are growing up too fast, but those memories of oranges and avocados allover their little faces and everything else that I did with them will stay with me forever. I love those memories and I love my kids.



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