ERSA Collection: FW 2023

Published Sep 15 2023 in



The ERSA Collection is a collaboration between Erin & Sandra. It would only seem fitting that our collection would take on both of our names:  ER (for Erin) and SA (for Sandra).  


This collection reflects experimentation with how different metals can be formed into modern jewelry pieces.  We worked with sheet metal to create the contemporary cylindrical forms, twisted wire for the delicate twist jewelry and heavy gauge wire for the bold and irregular oval forms.  And as always theses pieces can be layered for a beautiful and modern layering of jewelry. 


We continue to incorporate the use of 14K gold filled metals in these pieces.  We love the contrast of the gold to sterling and fine silver.  And we love the benefits of gold filled jewelry:  tarnish free, doesn’t fade, lasts for many years and the affordable option to solid gold.  Read about the benefits of Gold Filled Jewelry HERE.


Enjoy our jewelry experimentation with the ERSA Collection!


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