Orange Avocado Jewelry x Grocery Girls Jewelry Collab

Published Oct 15 2023 in

 Over the years Erin & I have been lucky enough to meet so many customers and makers.  Two of those makers are Jodi Brown & Tracie Millar from the Grocery Girls Knit Company!  They have been long time customers (over 15 years!) of my jewelry and we recently connected over social media.  One thing led to another and we came up with a beautiful jewelry and knitting collaboration of 6 beautiful pieces!  

The OA x GG Jewelry Collection includes fine silver beaded bracelets adorned with handcrafted fine silver charms that have been hand stamped the word "knit".  Choose between a sterling silver or 14K gold filled "yarn" pendant.  Matching earrings & necklaces complete each of the jewelry sets.  

Jodi & Tracie launched their "Grocery Girls" youtube podcast in 2016 and flourished.  They are not only expert knitters but they are known for their generosity for sharing information on all things knitting related.  Their joy of knitting is infectious; it got me back into knitting after a decade's long absence.  Their unconditional love and support for all is genuine and we are lucky enough to be a part of that support.

So thank you Jodi & Tracie for including us in your Grocery Girls adventures!   You can find them at:


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