ENTWINED Collection: SS24

Published Mar 25 2024 in abstract forms, connections, entwined, family, freeform shapes, hand forged, irregular shapes, new spring summer collection


The Entwined Collection is about family and connections. There is evidence that social connections contribute to a longer life.  I couldn’t agree more. Connections with family, friends or a pet makes the day worth looking forward to. The Entwined Collection represents how we are intertwined with the ones that we love.  People that we look forward to spending time with.   Erin and I share that bond.  From being not only a mom and daughter but a connection through this jewelry venture that we are on together.

The Entwined Collection is composed of delicate entwined links in sterling silver and 14K gold fill hand forged into irregular shapes. The freeform shapes emotes movement and interest when worn.  Each piece is individually metal worked in Sandra & Erin’s home studio in Edmonton.  Each piece created one by one; each piece different from the next. Just like life; our connections are ever changing and always in motion.  

Find the Entwined Collection online.

xo Sandra & Erin


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