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  • Fashion with Compassion 2019: Compassion Sisters

    Published Oct 25 2019 in Philanthropy Jewelry

    SOLD OUT! Thank you all who purchased the “Harmony Necklace” in support of Compassion House Foundation at the Fashion with Compassion Gala yesterday. 100 necklaces were created for this event. Thanks to all of the hard working volunteers (including Lisa and Nasreem), compassion house employees (Kim, Nancy, Kerry) and Event Chair Joanne! Lastly I would like to thank my daughter Erin for coming to help me sell the jewelry and attend the event.  It is so important to me to show her the importance of philanthropy and how we are a village of sisters and brothers.  It was a full and gratifying day of acknowledging those women who are battling cancer. They are our Compassion Sisters.
    Compassion House is affordable housing for those receiving cancer treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. With your contributions a one day stay can be subsidized at $25 a night as well as lift the burden of extensive travel. Please consider donating to

  • The Layered Heart Necklace: Fashion With Compassion 2017

    Published Oct 27 2017 in Philanthropy Jewelry

    Honoured to be asked by Sorrentino's Compassion House to design another necklace for their Fashion with Compassion 2017 Gala: Into the Unknown.  The Layered Heart Necklace is composed of a bronze heart each individually metal worked in my studio in Edmonton.  This necklace is adorned with steel and sterling silver chain, hematite stone, and swarovski crystals. Measures 36" long.  125 necklaces were created for this gala and sold out during the event.

    Sorrentino's Compassion House is a safe home for women who live outside of Edmonton to have a economical place to stay while receiving cancer treatment at the Edmonton Cross Cancer Institute.  Donations to this organization enable someone to stay for $25 a night.  A typical stay is 3-6 weeks long.

    Please consider donating to this worthy cause: Sorrentino's Compassion House

  • Wings of Hope: Changing Leaves Collection

    Published Jun 18 2017 in New Collections, Philanthropy Jewelry


    I am honoured to be chosen out of a group of jewelry designers to be a part of the "Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation"  2017 jewelry collection.  

    This organization provides assistance for low income breast cancer patients who have received in the past or are currently receiving treatment at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. Please read more about this wonderful organization on their website: Wings of Hope.

    This charitable organization requested a collection that would represent Alberta. After careful thought and pulling from my experiences as an Albertan, my "Changing Leaves Collection" was created. This collection is inspired by the seasonal landscape of the beautiful forests of Alberta.

    From spring to summer & fall to winter those leaves evolve representing growth, life & change.
    From a bud in the spring, growth throughout our summer and eventual departure from the trees that it came from; it is those leaves that feed the ground that it was born from.  
    Each stage is beautiful and enchanting.

    My personal appreciation of the great outdoors, love of the river valley & trails of Alberta serve as an inspiration for the Changing Leaves Collection in support of this charitable organization.  

    A significant portion of the sales of this jewelry collection will be donated to the Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Find the Wings of Hope Changing Leaves Collection online:

  • Find Azer Kids Now #Makethecall

    Published May 12 2016 in Philanthropy Jewelry

    An unforgettable night with Alison Azer and Amanda Lindhout fundraiser for the  "Find Azer Kids Now" Organization at the Royal Alberta Museum. Alison's four Canadian children: Sharvahn, Rojevahn, Dersim & Meitan have been abducted by their father and now reside in Iran. Alison, spoke of her current journey of losing her children and living each day trying to find and retrieve them. She spoke with such articulation and determination of her journey and her goals. The love she shared for her children was tangible. Funds raised will help support her legal fees, travel and living expenses in order to raise awareness and eventually get her kids rightfully back to their home in Canada with her. All of the 4LOVE Bronze Heart and fine silver bracelets I made for the event were sold out with many on order now. A total of almost 150 have been sold!!
    SIGN THE PETITION #makethecall for Justin Trudeau to call the Iranian president to help retrieve her children:
    Consider DONATING DIRECTLY to the cause:
    Consider purchasing a 4 LOVE BRACELET where 40% of the proceeds will be donated to the cause:
    Thank you again to the Edmonton Find Azer Kids Now organization for allowing me to be a part of this very important cause. It was an honour.

  • This is Real Life: Fashion with Compassion 2015

    Published Nov 02 2015 in Philanthropy Jewelry

    When I was growing up I remember my mother travelling to St. Paul to care for her mother.  My grandmother was in palliative care for cancer.  My mom would prepare all of the food for the week in Edmonton for us and then leave for the weekdays to care for her mother.  She would sit at her mother’s bedside, making sure that she was comfortable and then the rest of the time clean out her childhood home to prepare it for sale. My mother never spoke of what she thought; she never cried in front of us.  It was probably too hard for her to talk about it. Cancer affects everyone in different ways.


    I am very honoured to be a part of the Fashion with Compassion Event this year and designed a necklace and bracelet set for the event. I was touched by so many words spoken by various speakers all affected by cancer in their lives.  Mark Ward, Board member of the Compassion House Foundation (CHF) and CEO of Syncrude Canada, spoke of how it is the ultimate in kindness to give to those that you do not even know.  Debra Wooding, President of the CHF, spoke of the ripple effect of donating to a wonderful cause.  And former Compassion House resident, Alana, spoke of her journey and concluded so many simple truths including “life is good, people are kind”.


    This year I was lucky enough to bring my mother to this wonderful event, Fashion with Compassion.  The people on stage spoke for her and everyone else in the room, and I knew that she took it all in. 

    I watched her from the corner of my eye. 

    So on the ride home, we talked about how wonderful the event was and what good the Sorrentino’s Compassion House does.  She never did talk about her experience with her mother’s cancer.  She didn’t have to, I knew that she cared & that she loved her mother.  I would do the same for her.


    Many thanks to Melissa Kraft, Executive Director of Compassion House, who is always supportive, positive and generous.  Thank you to the staff and volunteers at Sorrentino's Compassion House.  Thank you to the Board members who continue to support my vision for the jewelry at this event.  Finally, thank you to the Met Agency and Michelle McBride for their guidance and beautiful branding of Orange Avocado Jewelry and Fashion with Compassion.


    Sorrentino’s Compassion House is a home for out of town women receiving breast cancer treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. Their stay is subsidized at $25 per night at the Compassion House; a typical stay is in actuality $125 per night.  Please consider this charity by donating or purchasing a necklace by contacting


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