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  • Ellipse Collection: Spring/Summer 2023

    Published Mar 23 2023 in industrial, mixed metals, New Collection spring summer, New Collections

    The Ellipse Collection is a set of jewelry that has an industrial edge to it.  Sterling silver layered with gold filled freeform shapes & hammered textures.  I have metal worked pieces with acute edges balanced with softer freeform circles.  

    I began my jewelry company 17 years ago after visiting the beautiful town of Paia in Maui.  I was inspired by the jewelry I purchased in a little boutique.  Years later it has come full circle with my daughter, Erin, joining the business full time and finding similar inspiraton.  I am now mentoring Erin about jewelry making and running a business.  I would have never thought that it would arrive at this, but it seems right.  Welcome Erin to Orange Avocado Jewelry.

    This journey has taken me full circle and I am excited for the future with Erin.

    Discover the ELLIPSE COLLECTION.

    xo sandra


  • petal collection: spring summer 2022

    Published Mar 13 2022 in abstract forms, mixed metals, New spring collecton, New Summer Collection, petal, spring summer collection

    petal collection:  spring summer 2022

    Color, abstract forms, nature.  The Petal Collection SS22 is composed of ultra-modern petal shapes in bronze and fine silver.  Color blocking the golden bronze tones  and the silver offers a quiet boldness.  And as we long for spring and then summer to arrive this collection sparkles with the yellow hues of citrine, soft spring pastels of aquamarine and rose quartz and creamy white moonstone.  Petals are hand sculpted as bold single petals or metal worked into delicate and pretty clusters.  It’s a collection about growth, hope and appreciating the little things in nature. 

    Discover the Petal Collection.


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