Ellipse Collection: Spring/Summer 2023

Published Mar 23 2023 in industrial, mixed metals, New Collection spring summer, New Collections

The Ellipse Collection is a set of jewelry that has an industrial edge to it.  Sterling silver layered with gold filled freeform shapes & hammered textures.  I have metal worked pieces with acute edges balanced with softer freeform circles.  

I began my jewelry company 17 years ago after visiting the beautiful town of Paia in Maui.  I was inspired by the jewelry I purchased in a little boutique.  Years later it has come full circle with my daughter, Erin, joining the business full time and finding similar inspiraton.  I am now mentoring Erin about jewelry making and running a business.  I would have never thought that it would arrive at this, but it seems right.  Welcome Erin to Orange Avocado Jewelry.

This journey has taken me full circle and I am excited for the future with Erin.


xo sandra



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