The Story Continues...

Published Apr 30 2015 in Events, My Story

My story began with a little bead shop in Kailua, Hawaii and a handful of beads over 10 years ago.  Travelling to Kailua every year to visit my sister I became a regular visitor to this unique little store in the heart of the town.  A stash of beads in one hand, metres of chain in the other with flip flops on my feet I was set to make another collection of jewelry. Now, many beads  and thousands of hours later of metalworking, I am still working at my craft of hand made jewelry. Creating something for you that is unique and wearable continues to be my daily challenge.
Wrapping up my spring jewelry show this year I am so thankful for all that I have.  I have so many friends and family to thank for helping me on this busy day:  Tracy, Lisa, Diane, Jackie, Catherine, the staff at the Derrick Golf & Winter club Angie and Joseph and my family Debbie, Roma, Aidan, Paul and Erin.  I cannot say enough of my new and regular customers who support my little jewelry business.  Over 100 attendees for my spring show purchasing pieces for friends, family and themselves: I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  It is you that motivates me to continue to spend hours a day creating daily jewels for you.  It keeps me young; you keep me young!  So, until my next story...


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