Baroque LUX Collection: Spring & Summer 2014

Published Feb 25 2014 in New Collections


I have always been interested in the historical evolution of art and jewelry.  Blame it on my love of the theatre since I was in high school.  And thanks to my drama teacher Ken Agrell-Smith who always emphasized knowing the history of the work that you are creating whether it is a play or art. 
Well, I am in love with the Baroque Era of the 1700s. 
Welcome to my Baroque LUX Collection.
The Baroque era represented a time of a bold play of contrasting light and dark, color and irregular or imperfect shapes.  Thus the baroque pearl.  These images stirred in the observer an overt emotion or sensory appeal.  This was a departure from established rules and balanced porportions of the 1600s.  The jewelry collection is dynamic, emotional and evokes a sense of movement.  Imperfect fresh water pearls, shimmery antique silver leaves, baroque pearls, irregular medallions of fine silver and links are sprinkled in my Baroque LUX Collection. 
It’s my interpretation of an era from long ago.


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