So Many Thanks...

Published Dec 03 2014 in Events

So many thank you's to give today.  My work culminates each year to my Christmas Jewelry Show at the Derrick Golf & Winter club.  This year over 150 people attended which completely overwhelms me with gratitude each year.  The day could not be possible without the help of my friends and family:  Diane, Tracy, Lisa, Debbie, Rayna, Aidan, Roma, Kim, Megan, Najat, Erin and Paul.  I love you all.
Ever since I was young I loved the art of making things with my hands.  It is incredibly humbling to be able to create something unique and share it with so many people.  Each morning I step into my studio and start the day looking at my walls filled with drawings and handwritten letters from my children made many years ago.  It reminds me of where I came from and who I am.  And that is how it all begins.  So many thanks...


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