Spring Summer 2015: SOUL Collection

Published Feb 19 2015 in New Collections

"SOUL"  - A person's moral or emotional nature.  The essence of humanity; the quality of being alive.
My SOUL Collection is composed of pendants inscribed with the inspiring and romantic Latin sayings that have stood the test of time.  
"AMOR VINCET OMNIA" - Love Conquers All
"VITA DULCEDO SPES" - Life, Sweetness, Hope
"VI ET ANIMO" - With Heart & Soul
Colors of the sky with my aquamarine semi-precious stones are sprinkled throughout this jewelry line.  It evokes a calm and healing quality in the pieces.  Contrasted with the warm gold tones of 24 kt gold swarovski crystals, bronze handcrafted pendants and links, these pieces will be everlasting.  The "Vita Dulcedo Spes" bronze eternity pendant is smooth to the touch, with irregular curves to entwine your fingers through.  
Unexpectant uses of leather and gunmetal complement the bronze pendant
"Amor Vincet Omnia" and handmade fine silver links.   
Druzy Quartz stones in golden teal tones complement the entwined bronze links and pendants.  
Each piece is metal worked and handmade with every line & curve made with intention and artisanal love.  
For love has no boundaries
Hope has no time limit
And your soul is forever.
As all good things must pass…The Soul Collection is nolonger available. 


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