Dear Hadar Jacobsen:

Published Nov 03 2012 in My Story


It was an honour to learn over the course of 4 days the art of metal clay through the eyes of an artist.  You have opened my eyes and taught me skills in mixing patterns of different metals to a higher level.  The art of Mokume Gane came alive with your techniques and inspired all of us to create outside of our boxes.  You are a woman of exceptional talent; I am humbled by your humility and unlimited knowledge. Over 4 days I was inspired by my fellow artisans who all came from different backgrounds of metalworking, glass working and jewelry making.  I am a speck in a sea of endless talent and beautiful women (and one token male) who want to learn, share knowledge and just do what they love to do...make some jewelry one piece at a time.  What a refreshing outlook on artisan made jewelry in a world of mass production.  


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