The Year of 2012: Thankful

Published Dec 17 2012 in My Story

I am blessed.  Four years ago I quit my job as a speech-language pathologist to pursue a full time career in jewelry making.  Oh the reactions I got from colleagues, friends, family...not too sure if I was crazy.  After eight years of making jewelry I am grateful that I am still passionate about something that is a dream come true for me.  Ever since I was small I can remember making something out of nothing, making a mess, and trying to think of what next to make.  As a young adult, I took the responsible road and went to university and got a degree; that was smart and good for me.  It gave me confidence & made me more assertive. I have met the most amazing people along my road of a doing a responsible job. 

This year alone I acquired four new stores that sell my jewelry, two across Canada, in addition to the six that I already sold at.  All different clientele with different jewelry tastes, and somehow my ever-changing jewelry line suits each one of those tastes.  With alot of hard work I launched my online store this year.  Again, I am grateful.  But not only that, I continue to meet the most interesting and amazing people along this journey ... so thank you.

To my daughter who loved oranges 
To my son who loved avocados 
When they were wee little ones 
To my husband who challenges me 
To become the best that I can be 
And who loves me unconditionally 
To my friends and family who support me through my business 
To my customers and boutique owners who believe in me... 

Thank you from the bottom of 
My heart.


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