black & white collection: Mixed Media

Published Jan 20 2013 in New Collections

It's pretty much black and white to me this year. Less is more. It has never been about mass production for me. Never been about a million new styles each year; although there are a million ideas in my head. 
 It’s about making something from nothing. 
My black and white collection is about highlighting something simple yet outstanding. This collection is about going back to my roots when I first started making jewelry: metal smithing art clay silver. Pure silver particles are embedded in an organic binder to produce a clay form of silver. I covet each lump of silver clay like it is gold. I had started metalworking with this material many years ago and continue to use it to make all of my links and pendants for my necklaces. When you burnish and then polish it to a matte texture it takes on an organic glow. A luxurious glow of white silver. It contrasts so perfectly with black steel chain. Add to that supple black leather and you have such a beautiful juxtaposition of edginess and classic design. 
I love how my black & white collection turned’s a little bit of me. I hope that it’s a little bit of you.


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