The Sweetness of Life: Safari Collection

Published Feb 13 2013 in My Story, New Collections

Two years ago I talked about my trip to Kailua, Hawaii.  I spoke of runs along the Hawaiian backdrop with my son and collecting shells with my daughter.

This year on our trip to Kailua I discovered little gems that would bring back memories of our time there. I found and coveted cone-shaped shells, rough cut quartz, beach glass, limestone and wood.  Just a handful of pieces; just enough to compliment my bronze links and brass chain.  These are components that have an earthy feel that remind me of sunshine, flip flops and sand between my toes.  

Momentos for my Safari Collection.

Which brings me back to those runs and collecting shells.  This year I ran BEHIND my kids.  We ate fish every day, whale watched in Kaneohe Bay and wore flip flops all day long.  I treasure those trips to Hawaii with my family.  

It’s not going to last forever.  Although I wish it would.  

This is the sweetness of life.


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