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  • True Gold

    “True”:  To be faithful and loyal. To be real and genuine. To be honest to yourself.

    The day of each my jewelry shows is always a whirlwind of activity.  It is always so great to see my customers come out each year to support a local business.  You are faithful and loyal.  I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.  It was a record turnout this year, thank you.

    This is just a little snapshot of just a few of my friends and family that come out each show to help me: Tracy, Jackie, Erin, Debbie, Catherine and not in the picture:  Kim, Roma, Najat, Lisa, Sandra.  Without you I couldn’t hold my jewelry show.  You are real and genuine friends who take a day off work who leave their busy daily schedules to help me. I hope that it is a fun and exciting day for you.  It was for me and you make it possible!

    And everyday as I create a new piece of jewelry I ask myself: is it true me? Because in the end it is about staying true to yourself.  

    So thank you. 

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