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Published Jan 03 2016 in New Collections

Of beautiful things to come for my SS16 Collections. Just finished metalworking these freeform bronze beads and pendants. My work day begins with some pencil sketches and then bringing those sketches to life. My daughter Erin, looked at my plans and said "that's a lot of work".  Making individual beads, by hand, one by one, is a long process.  I actually scale out how much bronze each bead will take.  I like to vary the sizes which gives me more freedom in the end to create whatever I want. I pulled these bronze pieces out of my kiln at 2:00 am because I was excited to see how they would turn out.  Okay, I'm just a little obsessed.  Now time to execute my plans, which always change in the end.  That's the beauty of creating something by hand; one by one.  Things change and evolve just like my jewelry. I love it.


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