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Published Jul 08 2013 in My Story





People often ask me where I get my inspiration for my jewelry from.  I like to take my bike in the trails of Edmonton’s river valley system and go for it.  It is my little treat to myself.  It is also where I find my mind will travel and become the inspiration for many of my jewelry designs.


This year I was so lucky to spend a week long road bike trip discovering the endless roads of southern France with my family.  I engrossed myself in everything that I saw, felt and smelled.  It was love at first sight.


I feasted my eyes on the vibrant orange poppies in Mirepoix, the unexpected mixes of colors of hand painted shutters & doors in the little villages like Limoux, and the curved archways in every building. The grandness of riding the Pyrenes, fighting the winds in the gorges and gazing upon castles was humbling.  But even the littlest things like the everyday walk up and down a circle of 22 cement stairs to our room, and the french road signs inspired me each day.  We covered 450 km in 5 days; a lot to see in so little time!  A work of observation will become little works of art. 


Thank you to Chris Georgas, Fabien, Isabel, Heather, & Nicolette from Le Monastere for making my family & I want to pack our bags and live in a little French town called Limoux. For now I will make little pieces of precious metal jewelry with a hint of France in them.


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