The Compassion Heart: Imperfect Beauty

Published Oct 18 2013 in Philanthropy Jewelry


Honored & grateful is an understatement to how I feel about being part of “Fashion with Compassion” for the Compassion House Foundation this year.  This is the “annual signature fundraiser for Compassion House Foundation in support of Sorrentino’s Compassion house.  The sold out event attracts over 1300 guests annually.”  This house is a “safe haven” for those out of town breast cancer patients to stay at when receiving treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. 
I was asked by Mellissa Kraft, Executive Director of Compassion House Foundation, and Joanne Berger, Chair of Fashion with Compassion to make a necklace that would be sold exclusively at this event. Part of the proceeds would be donated to the organization.  So I designed a heart of bronze:  assymetrical in shape with handmade markings.  Each one is handmade: unique and imperfect which truly represents each woman.  I was ecstatic that all 200 necklaces made were sold at this event (yes, I spent 1/2 of my summer making these gems!!).  However, the most memorable and heartfelt part of this experience was talking to each person about the necklace and what it meant to him or her.  
Thank you to the staff at the Met Agency for making such a beautiful logo combining Orange Avocado Jewelry and the Make a Statement theme, thank you to Mellissa and Joanne for having faith in my jewelry and design, and most of all thank you to the board members and volunteers for making each and every woman (and man) feel like a princess and prince at this event.   Here's just a few pictures of the necklace and the lovely ladies that purchased the necklace.  Love!!
Please consider donating to this organization at so more women can enjoy a place of refuge during breast cancer treatment.


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