Orange Avocado Jewelry Christmas Show: Inspired Art

Published Nov 16 2016 in Events

My Annual Christmas show is just two weeks away…and the emotions never seem to change.  “Excited, anxious and inspired” are just a few words to describe what I always seem to feel so close to each of my shows.  

I’m excited to reveal my latest collections:  Sculpt and Luminous Collections.  The “Sculpt Collection” truly represents my heart and soul.   This collection is about abstract corners and lines against curves.  It's a study of shape, form and texture.  

I’m anxious because I have so much to do before each show.  Sleepless nights, very early mornings is the norm for the next couple of weeks. My goal each year is to have a large collection of “One of a Kind” and limited edition pieces. The sculptural “Herkimer Diamond” pendant necklace will be just one of many unique  pieces I will have.   I have been hanging onto these roughly cut and luxurious herkimer diamonds for so many years, thinking of the most perfect way to feature them.  These gems are timeless.

You see, it is the challenge of making something unique each and every time I open the door to my studio that fuels my desire to create everyday.  It is what keeps me young at heart and mind. 

I look forward to sharing these pieces with you on Wednesday, November 30th at the Derrick Golf & Winter Club, Banff room, 10 am to 7 pm.  Please feel free to bring friends and family.

See you soon

xo Sandra


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