Pendulum Collection: F/W 2022

Published Aug 30 2022 in

The Pendulum Collection

The movement of a pendulum is based on Newton’s first Law of motion: 
A body at rest, stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion.

My fall and winter 2022 Pendulum Collection is inspired by this metaphysical law.  It is the balance between rest and motion that I strive for; especially in these last few years.  I want to embrace those moments of rest; truly enjoy the freedom of rest and the peace that it brings. I also love to learn new things, ride my bike, and keep active.  This is my “motion”.  What is your rest and what is your motion?  At each stage of my life the balance between the two has changed.  It takes effort to try to balance the two out.  Sometimes this is within our control and sometimes it is beyond our control.   

Time is measured by a pendulum. 
This collection is your pendulum; your time and how you spend it. 
I believe that when we have a balance between time, rest and motion
we are truly peaceful. 

Discover the Pendulum Collection online.

xo Sandra


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