The Ability to Communicate Opens the Door to Life

Published Nov 16 2020 in Custom Pieces

26 Letters. Infinite Possibilties.

I created a custom fine silver pendant for a mom of a nonspeaking son who used a letter board to communicate. Antigone reached out to me to create this "spelling to communicate" board (S2C) pendant necklace. The pendant measured 16mm x 12mm.  

This necklace symbolized what has been a lifeline for Antigone's son and the family. It is his key to communication! The letter board was designed based on the letter boards from "Growing Kids Therapy". These boards have a hand slot on the side & are smaller for ease of portability. These spelling to communicate boards "enhances communication to lead to "autonomy, independence & inclusion" (taken from: 

I was truly  honoured and excited to make this necklace for this mom.   

Thank you Antigone.

It's all about #inclusion #nonspeaking #communication


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