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  • Kate's Family Necklace

    Published Apr 24 2015 in Custom Pieces

    I receive many orders for custom pieces.  I love these projects because it helps break up my regular work day of metalworking pieces for my current jewelry collections.  Kate contacted me about a family necklace piece she wanted me to metalwork.  We discussed what elements of the necklace she wanted; what each component meant to her.  It was very important that the three links were entwined and that the last one was different that the other two.  The first two links represented her children while the last link represented herself and her husband.  She wanted a classic yet unique piece of jewelry.  She loved how the links were assymetrical and how the fine silver nuggets complemented the fine silver trio of links.   Thank you Kate for entrusting me with to make something that reminded you of family; one of the most important things in life.

  • Not Just a Necklace...

    Published Mar 29 2013 in Custom Pieces

    This story is both sad and happy.  I was contacted by a family to make a simple silver name necklace on a simple leather strand.  They are adopting a child from a third world country.   In this third world country a mother is putting her daughter up for adoption due to circumstances of culture and inequality. The adoptive family is giving this child an opportunity to live as an equal to all others.


    I received this email:  

    “When we were told that we were allowed to give her mom a small gift after the adoption...we immediately thought of one of your pendants. We want her mom to be able to keep her daughter’s name close to her heart. We need to somehow communicate to her that we will keep her daughter safe and frequently tell our child about her brave mom. The gift that kept coming to mind was the pendant…as long as we could somehow make sure the pendant was hung on an inexpensive rope or piece of leather that she can hide in her wrap to avoid being robbed.”


    It is a heart wrenching story, although I am quite sure common in this third world county. The new parents of this story are, however, uncommon.  I am honoured and humbled by this gesture.  I am also grateful for my family and I to be able to live as we do in this country.


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