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  • Not Just Another Story: Love and Respect

    Published Dec 15 2016 in Custom Pieces

    I receive messages everyday for customized jewelry; all requesting something meaningful and personal to themselves.  It touches me when I receive these messages as people will entrust in me to make something that represents their story.  Bob's story was one of those.  His story resonated love that is enduring, meaningful and meant to be.   It is always a collaborative process of creating a necklace unique to each person which I appreciate.  And in this case, I have to say, this one got to me.  


  • Kacey's Gift

    Published Oct 28 2016 in Custom Pieces

    One year ago, Kacey received a gift of a kidney transplant from her mom.  I received a call from her requesting a fine silver bracelet & charm celebrating the love and joy she had for her mom for doing this for her.  So I etched a tiny kidney shape on a simple fine silver circle charm for her.  Just a reassuring reminder to me that a mother's love is forever.

    And this is why I love what I do.  Thank you Kacey.  


  • A Mother and her Child

    Published Apr 01 2016 in Custom Pieces

    Julia loved the "otolith" bone earrings that her partner, Neil, had made for her.  Right after receiving them from Neil she contacted me and made a request for a custom set of earrings.  She sent me a picture of a Celtic design which symbolized a mother and her child. Julia wanted me to create a pair of fine silver earrings to be given to someone who has been a much loved lactation consultant in the NICU in Edmonton for 35 years. She wanted to mark the significance of her friend's contribution to the field that she was an expert in.  This was a challenging and rewarding piece of jewelry to make. The challenge was to try to make each earring the same in size and dimension with each curve. I always let the client know that the pieces will not be "perfect" but "imperfect" at the same time.  In the end the piece turned out to be a statement and clearly revealed the image of a mother with her child.  Thank you Julia!

  • "Otolith" Bone Earrings - Feathers of the Sea

    Published Mar 29 2016 in Custom Pieces

    Neil requested a custom set of earrings for his partner Julia. He had collected these beautiful "otolith" bones from the Yelloweye snapper, caught in Haida Gwaii off the coast of BC, just south of Alaska. These fragile bones looked like delicate feathers or angel wings.  After various attempts at wire wrapping and drilling holes (luckily Neil had a quite a collection of these bones), I decided that the safest and securest way was to use an epoxy on a set of earrings from my current collection. Well, Julia loved them, and now she requested a special custom set of earrings for her friend...stay tuned for the story behind those. Thank you Neil for entrusting your beautiful artifacts to me.

  • It's Personal: A Love Story

    Published Feb 07 2016 in Custom Pieces

    It's always interesting finding out how people discover my work. Sandy found my website on the internet and contacted me about a custom piece for him and his girlfriend, Bregane.  Bregane requested a Coordinates Necklace signifying a special location in Montreal where she first met Sandy. She then wanted to layer it with another longer necklace with her boyfriend's initials on a hammered circle pendant. She wanted something sweet and simple that meant a lot to her. Sandy's nickname for his girlfriend is BELLA, which I made in a fine silver pendant with black shiny onyx beads. I loved the thought that Sandy and Bregane put into creating this set. Thank you Sandy and Bregane!  Young love; so sweet.


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