Julia loved the "otolith" bone earrings that her partner, Neil, had made for her.  Right after receiving them from Neil she contacted me and made a request for a custom set of earrings.  She sent me a picture of a Celtic design which symbolized a mother and her child. Julia wanted me to create a pair of fine silver earrings to be given to someone who has been a much loved lactation consultant in the NICU in Edmonton for 35 years. She wanted to mark the significance of her friend's contribution to the field that she was an expert in.  This was a challenging and rewarding piece of jewelry to make. The challenge was to try to make each earring the same in size and dimension with each curve. I always let the client know that the pieces will not be "perfect" but "imperfect" at the same time.  In the end the piece turned out to be a statement and clearly revealed the image of a mother with her child.  Thank you Julia!