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  • Farmer's Market Season: Meeting You

    Published Jun 11 2014 in Events, My Story

    I would have to say that one of the most rewarding parts of my job is meeting the people that make it possible for me to make jewelry everyday.  Although I do this through various ways, one of my favourites is at the local farmer's markets in Edmonton.  Ever since its induction the Southwest Edmonton Farmer's Market in the Terwillegar Rec Centre lot I have been an occasional vendor.  This market was small at first, but since it was in my neighbourhood in south Edmonton I wanted to support something truly local; truly in my backyard.  I have been back every year and I've seen the market grow and establish itself in the neighbourhood.  My customers have become familiar faces whom I not only sell jewelry to, but whom I talk to about family, kids, work; something that we all share.  Life is so much more interesting when you can share it with someone else.  And of course I purchase my veggies from Riverbend Gardens, beef jerky from Jerky Jerky, kettle corn for the kids and always something new from a new vendor.  Supporting local is where it's at!

    I have also been fortunate to be a vendor for a third year at the St. Albert Farmer's Market.  This market is so worth the drive to Perron St. in St. Albert.  I'm always excited to set up my table quickly so that I can do my own shopping at the amazing variety of food vendors at this market.  When the market opens to the public, though, there is no time for shopping.  I am always amazed at the number of new customers I get every time I attend this market.  They have never seen my jewelry, but feel connected to it once they see it.  I am grateful.

    I always bring something new to these markets; many one of kind pieces of jewelry for many beautiful & unique women.  So the next time you see me at one of these markets, stop and chat. Because...

    Life is so much more interesting when you can share it with someone else.

  • It's Going to be Good: Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring Show

    Published Apr 26 2014 in Events


    Wednesday April 30th, 2014

    Derrick Golf & Winter Club 3500-119th St, Edmonton

    Banff Room 10-7:30 pm



    It’s always the same every year.  I like to procrastinate.  I like to create. The week leading up to my Orange Avocado Jewelry Show my head is spinning with what I have to prepare.  Up until this point I slowly build up my inventory of jewelry pieces that compose my latest collections and some tried and true favorites
    from years past.
    But in the last few days my mind wanders.  I start to make one of kind pieces that won’t be found anywhere but at my show. They are one of kind pieces that possess a uniqueness in each piece.  These gems are a departure from my current collections.  Individual semi-precious stones, molten silver charms and perfect little rings of silver have been my latest obsession.  
    Silver has been melted into molten forms, shaped, pickled, tumbled, polished and drilled into unique little chunky charms of silver.  I can never predict what each shape will be. One side is smooth, while the other side has unique relief patterns of interest.  I always manage to find a unique cut stone that will complement the silver pendant.  A match made in heaven.
    In addition to the unique pieces I have many sale items of discontinued pieces.  And I always make one jewelry piece that is a draw prize to be won.
    Here are just a few pieces of heaven that you will find at my Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring Show this year.  Come and share my joy of creating little works of art.  

  • I wanted to thank you for something...

    Published Nov 28 2013 in Events

    I am 
    so grateful
    so lucky
    so humbled
    I wanted to thank my family, friends and customers who came out yesterday for my Christmas Jewelry show and shared my joy and passion of jewelry making.  My friends Najat, Tracy & Sandra; my moms Kim and Rom; sisters Debbie and Rayna, and my son Aidan drop everything for a day to help me during each of my shows.  They leave their own families, and school obligations for one very full day and help me make my jewelry shows run smoothly.   
    That’s friendship; that’s love.  
    I wanted to thank my loyal customers who come each year: old and new.  You make me wake up each morning like a little kid so excited to create new pieces of jewelry fulfilling a childhood dream of making something from nothing. 
    An amazing turnout of over 175 people attended my show, so as I said: 
    so grateful, so lucky, so humbled.


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