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  • Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring Show: A Refreshing Peace of Mind

    Published Apr 14 2016 in Events

    Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring Show
    Thursday, April 28th 2016
    Derrick Golf & Winter Club   3500-119th Street
    Banff Room, 10 am to 7 pm

    Preparations for my Orange Avocado Jewelry begin months before the planned date.  I always make sure that I have enough jewelry for everyone to choose from.  To make it extra special I create a collection of limited edition pieces that are not available anywhere else but my show.  This year I'm focusing this collection on semi-precious stones that I have collected one by one over the past year.  Many of these stones are from my travels to Kailua, Hawaii where my sister lives.  Little ceramic bowls filled with one of a kind cuts of semi-precious stones fill my hands.  I look for clarity, interesting cuts and facets in the stone and beautiful colours that speak to me.  I have to admit that I am always drawn to watery tones that reflect the colors of the ocean:  peruvian opals, chalecedony in shades of soft greens and blues. Citrine, my birthstone, has caught my eye as well. I love how its meditative meaning is to remove stress and negativity from the body and replaces it with quiet and refreshing peace; so needed in our world today.  

    Sharing my love of jewelry making
    one by one,
    from my hands to yours.

  • True Gold

    Published Dec 03 2015 in Events

    “True”:  To be faithful and loyal. To be real and genuine. To be honest to yourself.

    The day of each my jewelry shows is always a whirlwind of activity.  It is always so great to see my customers come out each year to support a local business.  You are faithful and loyal.  I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.  It was a record turnout this year, thank you.

    This is just a little snapshot of just a few of my friends and family that come out each show to help me: Tracy, Jackie, Erin, Debbie, Catherine and not in the picture:  Kim, Roma, Najat, Lisa, Sandra.  Without you I couldn’t hold my jewelry show.  You are real and genuine friends who take a day off work who leave their busy daily schedules to help me. I hope that it is a fun and exciting day for you.  It was for me and you make it possible!

    And everyday as I create a new piece of jewelry I ask myself: is it true me? Because in the end it is about staying true to yourself.  

    So thank you. 

  • The Story Continues...

    Published Apr 30 2015 in Events, My Story

    My story began with a little bead shop in Kailua, Hawaii and a handful of beads over 10 years ago.  Travelling to Kailua every year to visit my sister I became a regular visitor to this unique little store in the heart of the town.  A stash of beads in one hand, metres of chain in the other with flip flops on my feet I was set to make another collection of jewelry. Now, many beads  and thousands of hours later of metalworking, I am still working at my craft of hand made jewelry. Creating something for you that is unique and wearable continues to be my daily challenge.
    Wrapping up my spring jewelry show this year I am so thankful for all that I have.  I have so many friends and family to thank for helping me on this busy day:  Tracy, Lisa, Diane, Jackie, Catherine, the staff at the Derrick Golf & Winter club Angie and Joseph and my family Debbie, Roma, Aidan, Paul and Erin.  I cannot say enough of my new and regular customers who support my little jewelry business.  Over 100 attendees for my spring show purchasing pieces for friends, family and themselves: I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  It is you that motivates me to continue to spend hours a day creating daily jewels for you.  It keeps me young; you keep me young!  So, until my next story...

  • SPRING SHOW - Wednesday, April 29th

    Published Apr 27 2015 in Events, New Collections

    Here's a little synopsis of just a few of the things that you will find at my Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring Show Wednesday, April 29th at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club, 3500-119th street, Edmonton.  There is lots of parking and All are welcome!   Find something unique and special for Mother's day gifts and yourself!  Featuring one of kind pieces, show specials, draw prize for a necklace and many sale items. Just click on the following link to see!

    spring 2015 flip.html

  • So Many Thanks...

    Published Dec 03 2014 in Events

    So many thank you's to give today.  My work culminates each year to my Christmas Jewelry Show at the Derrick Golf & Winter club.  This year over 150 people attended which completely overwhelms me with gratitude each year.  The day could not be possible without the help of my friends and family:  Diane, Tracy, Lisa, Debbie, Rayna, Aidan, Roma, Kim, Megan, Najat, Erin and Paul.  I love you all.
    Ever since I was young I loved the art of making things with my hands.  It is incredibly humbling to be able to create something unique and share it with so many people.  Each morning I step into my studio and start the day looking at my walls filled with drawings and handwritten letters from my children made many years ago.  It reminds me of where I came from and who I am.  And that is how it all begins.  So many thanks...


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