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  • Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay True

    Published Nov 30 2019 in

    Thank you to my customers, the The Derrick Golf & Winter Club employees and my beautiful friends and family for making my Christmas show such a positive experience! This group of friends and family dropped everything to spend the day and night helping me; I am beyond grateful. ♥️ My customers continue to come out to support my small business and motivate me to continue to do what I love to do: Make jewelry. Over 200 people attended my show, amazing! My little idea became a big idea because people believed in me and I believed in myself. Dream big, work hard, stay true. 😊Thank you!! 

  • Orange Avocado Jewelry Christmas Show 2019: Limited Edition

    Published Nov 01 2019 in Events, Limited Edition

    Orange Avocado Jewelry Christmas Show

    Wednesday, November 27, 2019
    10am to 7 pm, Banff Room
    Derrick Golf & Winter Club, 3500-119th Street
    As I prepare for my upcoming show, I always set a goal for myself.  I create a limited edition collection that will only be available during the show.  My sketch book is full of endless designs that often come to life on these days.  Some make it to the show and some are reserved for later.  In the end it is always about creating something that is new, fresh, and original.  See what I have in store for you!  
    Event Details on my website HERE
    and on my Orange Avocado Jewelry Events page HERE.  Please feel free to sign up on my Facebook Events page.

  • Fashion with Compassion 2019: Compassion Sisters

    Published Oct 25 2019 in Philanthropy Jewelry

    SOLD OUT! Thank you all who purchased the “Harmony Necklace” in support of Compassion House Foundation at the Fashion with Compassion Gala yesterday. 100 necklaces were created for this event. Thanks to all of the hard working volunteers (including Lisa and Nasreem), compassion house employees (Kim, Nancy, Kerry) and Event Chair Joanne! Lastly I would like to thank my daughter Erin for coming to help me sell the jewelry and attend the event.  It is so important to me to show her the importance of philanthropy and how we are a village of sisters and brothers.  It was a full and gratifying day of acknowledging those women who are battling cancer. They are our Compassion Sisters.
    Compassion House is affordable housing for those receiving cancer treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. With your contributions a one day stay can be subsidized at $25 a night as well as lift the burden of extensive travel. Please consider donating to

  • Contour Collection: Fall/Winter 2020

    Published Aug 24 2019 in New Collections

    The Contour Collection is a homage to the Mid Century Modern era.  Clean & strong lines are represented in geometric shapes.  Think overlapping images of square, rectangles & ovals, softened with rounded edges.  This collection is about deceptively simple shapes & balance. 

    Find the Contour Collection here.

  • Fashion with Compassion 2019 - Harmony Necklace: Protect, Heal Balance

    Published Jul 29 2019 in

    Truly honoured to be asked for the 8th year in a row to create an exclusive necklace for  Fashion with Compassion in support of Sorrentino's Fashion with Compassion.  I have metal worked and created 100 of these necklaces which are $130 each and available for pre-order when you purchase tickets to Syncrude presents Fashion with Compassion on Thursday, October 24th, 2019.  Purchase tickets to event online here.

    I was interviewed by Sorrentino's Compassion House about my association with the organization and the jewelry that I have created for their gala for the past 7 years. 


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