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  • Inner Spirit Collection: Calm, Serenity & Balance

    Published Mar 17 2018 in New Collections

    My family and I were able to visit my sister in Kailua, Hawaii again this year.  It’s been a few years since I last visited this beautiful natural landscape of ocean, lava formed mountains, and endless greenery.  It was like we never left.  We all fell comfortably into our routine of tank tops, shorts and flip flops.  The roosters woke us up every morning along with the morning military bugles playing “Reveille” (we lived just off the nature reserve near the Kaneohe military base).  We ran or swam every day.  We tried to beat the heat and would start our runs just as the sun was rising, but never managed to conquer it by the time that we got home.  But each time I was out there I felt at peace as the sweat dripped from my brow. 

    You see, I am at peace with routine whether it be at an old vacation spot with my family or at home at my jeweller’s bench.  There is comfort in familiarity.  

    The Inner Spirit Collection is inspired by our quest to find contentment in our lives. Your inner spirit let’s you know that you are loved, and that you are enough. Incorporating the beautiful semi-precious stones of the earth discovered in Kailua, I have created a jewelry collection exuding calm, serenity, and balance.  The colors are subtle and pure: soft ocean blues in the chalcedony & laramar stones and radiant spa green tones in the peridot and gooseberry stones.  It is a celebration of the captivating beauty in nature and ourselves. 

    Find the collection here:  Inner Spirit Collection

  • Rest & Renewal 2018: The simple things in life.

    Published Jan 03 2018 in New Collections

    I opened the door to my studio today after a 2 week vacation away in Kailua, Hawaii.  I poured out the beads I purchased in my favourite bead store from Hawaii & immediately began sketching and arranging them in what will become part of my spring and summer collection 2018.  It's always exciting, fun and challenging to bring my ideas and sketches to life.  

    These beads bring to me memories of enjoying the simple things in life.  We usually stay at my sister's home in beautiful Kailua.  We made homemade ricotta and yogurt, took the boat out to Kaneohe Bay, devoured poke from Tamura's, ate at cool restaurants, and wore flip flops everyday.  I try to run everyday; always relishing the last run of the trip. Near the end of a run my husband said:  this is your last 4 minutes running in Hawaii.  I didn't sprint...I jogged slowly and felt the sun on my face. 

    Here's to feeling the sun on your face and enjoying the simple things in life.  

    I am forever grateful.

  • 2017 Christmas Show: Gratitude

    Published Nov 30 2017 in Events

    Thank you to over 220 people that attended my Orange Avocado Jewelry 2017 Christmas show. I continue to be overwhelmed with the amazing support of my little jewelry company. Thank you to these ladies and one brave guy in the picture who worked so hard to help you, all day and into the evening: Simone, Eric, Erin, Debbie, Rayna, Najat, Jackie, Kirsten, Calla and Roma. I could not have not have attended to my customers without their help.

    Your support makes the 5 month preparation for my show all worth it.  I am driven by a desire to create something unique for each customer; it is a work that is driven by my heart and passion to create.  I have always been a maker since I can remember from the age of 4 years old.

    I am also happy to say that Tanya O. was the winner of the $100 gift certificate!

    Always grateful.

    xo Sandra

  • Thinking Outside of the Box

    Published Nov 05 2017 in Events

    Orange Avocado Jewelry

    Christmas Show

    Wednesday, November 29th, 2017
    Derrick Golf  & Winter Club
    10 am to 7 pm, Banff Room
    My Christmas Show is fast approaching. I'm working on adrenalin, very little sleep and a whole lot of inspiration!  I wake up each morning with plans to create truly unique pieces to be presented at this event.  They are created outside of my current collections and are one of a kind.  It's a great excuse for me to metal work pieces that a little  more out of the ordinary and a little more colourful than my other pieces.  I sift through my collection of semi-precious stones, and cut, etch and pound away at my bronze and fine silver pendants; always trying to go to places that I haven't before with my jewelry.  Here are just a taste of the pieces that I will have.  Come and find something truly unique for Christmas gifts and yourself! Current collections will also be at the show including a $100 Orange Avocado Jewelry Gift card draw prize, show specials, and sale items.  All are welcome.

  • A Study in Color

    Published Oct 30 2017 in Custom Pieces

    Denise has been a long time customer of my work for the past 4 years.  She exudes confidence and individuality whenever I see her.  Denise contacted me to for a custom piece for her birthday.  I was honoured, as she said she had been looking for a custom set for the last 2 years and came back to my work after her search.  Some direction was given to me with regards to a personalized piece, a love of blues and greens, mixed metals and a slightly bold aesthetic.  I love it when I am given artistic license for the design!  
    My process is often to ponder ideas in my head for a couple of days, complete a drawing and send it off to the client for initial approval.  I wanted to design something that would be enduring with all of the characteristics that Denise wanted.  
    The final pieces really signified a collaboration of a client's wishes and her everyday style. Thank you Denise for entrusting such a special day with jewels dripping with color and style!


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