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  • A Hundred Times 2020

    Published Dec 31 2020 in Custom Pieces

    Closing this year with a special commission. “I hope to remain, the earth beneath your travelled feet, the place you walk to a hundred times.” A mother wrote a poem to her daughter and ended it with this heartfelt sentence. Created four rings to be given to her kids and herself with the inscription “A hundred times”. Family is everything. ✨

    Thank you for sharing your stories with me this past year. You let me into your lives with your words both happy and sad and all so meaningful. Then we created thoughtful pieces of jewelry together.

    I always head into the new year with the intention of expanding my jewelry techniques and sharing it with you; always feeling that I am just barely scratching the surface of what I can learn. Such a big wide world out there and that’s the exciting part of this jewelry adventure. And I am so grateful.❤️

    #ahundredtimes #family #sterlingsilver #bespokejewelry #littlefish #bigworld

  • A Generation of Jewelry

    Published Nov 20 2020 in Custom Pieces

    The beauty of bespoke jewelry is the ability to make something out of nothing.  This customer wanted to gift her mother a set of jewelry that represented the extended family.   I always say to my customers that "less is more".  I also believe in creating pieces that are big in inspiration:  Thoughtfully designed jewelry.  The collection began with fine silver organic shaped links representing her 3 children linked together with gold jump rings representing 6 grandkids & a bracelet with bronze links for the 4 great grandchildren.  The heart necklace was from her husband to her.  The heart necklace was especially poignant as her husband was ill and in the hospital at the time that this set was created.  She will wear this set knowing that her family is close by.    

  • The Ability to Communicate Opens the Door to Life

    Published Nov 16 2020 in Custom Pieces

    26 Letters. Infinite Possibilties.

    I created a custom fine silver pendant for a mom of a nonspeaking son who used a letter board to communicate. Antigone reached out to me to create this "spelling to communicate" board (S2C) pendant necklace. The pendant measured 16mm x 12mm.  

    This necklace symbolized what has been a lifeline for Antigone's son and the family. It is his key to communication! The letter board was designed based on the letter boards from "Growing Kids Therapy". These boards have a hand slot on the side & are smaller for ease of portability. These spelling to communicate boards "enhances communication to lead to "autonomy, independence & inclusion" (taken from: 

    I was truly  honoured and excited to make this necklace for this mom.   

    Thank you Antigone.

    It's all about #inclusion #nonspeaking #communication

  • Curve Collection: FW20/21

    Published Aug 27 2020 in New Collections


    Curve Collection is one of fluid lines in signature Orange Avocado Jewelry bronze & fine silver links.  It is a minimalistic collection that speaks volumes.  Graceful forms are linked in unison to compose simple yet intriguing shapes that follow the curves of your body.  This collection has been created when parts of the world seem to be in chaos and uncertainty.  The semi-precious stones in this collection are in gorgeous jewel tones.  Faceted apatite in deep blues & greens, deep red garnet stones and smokey quartz add luxury to this collection.  The Curve Collection represents what we need right now:  Classic pieces representing stability and something to ground ourselves with.  Sandra has designed each piece with balance and proportion in mind.   It is a collection emanating a quiet strength with seamless transitions from earrings, necklaces to bracelets.   The Curve Collection:   Where simple is outstanding.

    Explore The Curve Collection.

  • #1in100: The Perfect Imperfect Heart

    Published Jul 19 2020 in Custom Pieces

    Created an imperfect heart, with the left ventricle bigger than the right. This was created for a mom in honour of her son who has congenital heart disease, a disease that enlarges the left ventricle. Her young toddler underwent 3 surgeries before he was 1 year old. She wanted the “perfect imperfect heart”. The initial of her son is stamped on the other side of the heart...keeping him close to her heart. I’m grateful for my customers to allow me into their hearts in order for me to create something that they will cherish.  Thank you Candace. ❤️❤️ #1in100 #chd #stollerychildrenshospital

    Find The Imperfect Heart online.


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