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  • Taking it Slow

    Published Sep 24 2021 in vacations

    Slowing it down. Rode these switchbacks up and down everyday going to and from the Canmore Nordic centre. It was 5 days of climbing and discovering the Canmore trails on our gravel bikes. Paul took me on trails where I didn’t know what was coming up around the corner. So this sign says my life for the last two years. Slowing it down and taking it all in and it’s unpredictability.

    Slowed down and learned how to make sourdough, learned new jewelry techniques, got a cute puppy, got to know my neighbours better with the dog walks, and reconnected with friends. So although these last two years has been so unpredictable, it has taught me about how to take it slow and appreciate the ride.

  • HERA Collection: Homage to You

    Published Aug 28 2021 in New, New Collections, small earrings

    HERA COLLECTION - Here's to you

    The HERA Collection is a mixed metal collection of gracefully wrapped columns of 14 kt gold fill and sterling silver.  Intricate spirals of gold and silver built upon silver forms or suspended alone.  Jewelry pieces delicate on its own or spontaneous wrappings of gold around silver or the finishing touch on a baroque creamy pearl.  All of it subtle and quiet pieces of modern jewelry.

    Hera is the goddess of woman in Greek mythology.  She is also the goddess of marriage, family and childbirth.  She is the protector of all women.  We all have someone in our lives that serves this role at each stage of our lives.  Sometimes she remains the same person, sometimes she changes but she is always present.  My protector has been my mom through every stage of my life, and even when I didn't even know it.

    She has been the constant in my life.  Every time I pull out a recipe for a Chinese delicacy I am reminded that she taught me how to cook and appreciate my ethnic heritage.  Every time I sketch a piece of jewelry I am reminded of her beautiful handwriting and hidden artistic skills. And every time I say good night to my family I am reminded of her presence at home that made me feel safe.  My mom is my Hera.  

  • GOLD FILLED JEWELRY - The Luxury of solid gold without the cost

    Published Aug 28 2021 in

    I have incorporated elements of 14K gold filled metal into many of my designs.  I love the contrast of the gold with my fine silver handcrafted pieces.  Although I absolutely love working with solid gold and have created many pieces using solid gold, there are so many benefits of owning gold filled jewelry as opposed to solid gold as a consumer. 

    Gold filled jewelry is gold that is heat bonded onto a base metal and does not wear off like gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry.  It has 100% more gold than gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry.  As a result will not tarnish because of its high gold content. Gold filled jewelry fulfills the luxury of gold without the cost. Your gold filled jewelry will last for years.

    The following collections have 14 kt gold filled elements as a large component of the jewelry collection.

  • The Luna Collection

    Published Apr 07 2021 in earring studs, hand etched, hand made jewelry, LUna, moon, new collection, new collections, small earrings, spring, spring summer 2021 collection, stars, stars fine silver

    The Luna Collection is about the moon and the stars.

    My dad used to pick me up from piano lessons when I was young.  And each night from the car to the house we would gaze up at the light of the moon and stars. Each night my dad and I would look for the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. As we navigated the dark sky together he always found these two constellations first and I always found them second.  This was the constant between us.

    This past summer my husband and I travelled to Summer land BC & we slept under the stars...literally. We put mattresses on the dock and watched the falling stars.  The black sky was lit up with all of the constellations.  This time I found the Big and Little Dipper first, on my own.  Decades later that constant & emanating light still shone. 

    I'll never forget those simple nights with my dad and that short little walk that included gazing at the moon, the stars and the big and the little dippers.  

    The Luna Collection is about those walks, the discovery of the moon and the stars and family. 

     This collection is nolonger available.


    Photo cred:  Kelly G

  • Year 1990. Year 1996. Year 2021 - i wanted to write a poem

    Published Jan 12 2021 in Custom Pieces, extra-wide ring, key chain, sterling silver ring

    i wanted to write a poem that describes my love for you


    Year 1990. 

    31 years ago she went away for school.  He wrote her a poem and tucked it into her winter boots that he sent to her.

    Year 1996.

    She framed the poem for their 5th wedding anniversary. 

    Year 2020. 

    22 years later she had the first verse made into a key chain so that he can have it with him when she was not with him. 


    Year 2021.

    She had a 10 mm extra wide sterling silver ring made with that first verse on it. 

    Love is enduring.



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