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  • The Starfish Collection: Making a Difference

    Published May 31 2017 in New Collections

    One day a man was walking along the 
    beach when he noticed a boy picking up
    and gently throwing things into the ocean.
    Approaching the boy he asked:
    "Young man,what are you doing?"
    The boy replied, "Throwing starfish back into the ocean.  
    The surf is up and the tide is going out.
    If I don't throw them back, they'll die."
    The man laughed to himself and said,
    "Do you realize there are miles and miles of beach
    and hundreds of starfish? You can't make any difference."
    After listening politely, the boy bent down,
    picked up another starfish and threw it into the surf,
    then smiling at the man, he said:
    "I made a difference to that one."
    by Loren Eiseley

  • Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring Show: Sharing

    Published May 04 2017 in Events



    Another spring show has come and gone. While at the show a friend of mine, Michelle, commented "you must feel good about having to be able to make something and share it with everyone".  

    I am actually so grateful that words can't describe. I'm a little overwhelmed before, during and after each show about it all.

    But I thrive on it too. It's a perfect job for me that I can't even call it a job.  

    It's what I do and love each day.  Thank you to my friends and family that helped me out yesterday, it looked like we were going to start a race in this picture! You all worked so hard!

    Thank you to everyone that came out to enjoy my new creations; with over 130 people in attendance. You bring your friends and you bring your family year after year and it's amazing to me.  

    And to think that it all started from a handful of beads discovered in Maui over 12 years ago. 

    xo sandra

  • Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring Show: Creative Tendencies

    Published Apr 19 2017 in Events


    Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring Show

    Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017
    10 am to 7 pm, Banff Room
    Derrick Golf & Winter Club
    3500-119th Street


    I went to bed last night with thoughts of how my silver in my kiln would turn out.  I woke up this morning opening my kiln to beautiful and unique silver pendants for my "Limited Edition" collection for my upcoming show.  The feeling never goes away.  The anticipation of how each piece of silver and bronze will turn out and the process of creating each piece of jewelry is always exciting to me. 

    The Freeform Link Limited Edition jewelry shown above will be one set of many unique finds that will only be at my upcoming spring show. These fine silver links were created to emulate the freeform fine silver beads and apatite raw stones. The Apatite semi-precious stone will be featured in my Limited Edition Collections. You will fall in love with the raw cuts of this stone depicting watery tones of the sky and sea. I am drawn to all shades of blue. This stone is known to clear away apathy and negativity and enhance truth. It is a motivational stone promoting independence and creativity. 

    How appropriate is this!

    I will also have a complete selection of my most current line the

    Cubist Collection which highlights the Cubist movement of the early 20th century, and jewelry from my past collections at There will be a show special for my stretch bracelets and many sale items of discontinued pieces. 

    Finally enter to win a $100 Orange Avocado Jewelry Gift Certificate!

    Come and join me at my Orange Avocado Jewelry Spring show to find something special for Mother's Day.  

    Come discover the sweet unpredictability of my jewelry!

  • Cubist Collection: Graceful and Strong

    Published Feb 01 2017 in New Collections

    The Cubist Collection reflects the modernist movement of the early 20th Century:  
    In this time, art in the form of paintings took on simple geometric and abstract shapes to represent natural forms. Interlocking panels represented those life forms in a collage of angular shapes & curves. The Cubist Collection takes these simple shapes and transforms them into modern pieces of jewelry meant to be layered like a collage. This collection represents those that are graceful and strong.  
    Pablo Picasso "Ma Jolie", Paris 1911-12

  • Not Just Another Story: Love and Respect

    Published Dec 15 2016 in Custom Pieces

    I receive messages everyday for customized jewelry; all requesting something meaningful and personal to themselves.  It touches me when I receive these messages as people will entrust in me to make something that represents their story.  Bob's story was one of those.  His story resonated love that is enduring, meaningful and meant to be.   It is always a collaborative process of creating a necklace unique to each person which I appreciate.  And in this case, I have to say, this one got to me.  



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