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  • #1in100: The Perfect Imperfect Heart

    Published Jul 19 2020 in Custom Pieces

    Created an imperfect heart, with the left ventricle bigger than the right. This was created for a mom in honour of her son who has congenital heart disease, a disease that enlarges the left ventricle. Her young toddler underwent 3 surgeries before he was 1 year old. She wanted the “perfect imperfect heart”. The initial of her son is stamped on the other side of the heart...keeping him close to her heart. I’m grateful for my customers to allow me into their hearts in order for me to create something that they will cherish.  Thank you Candace. ❤️❤️ #1in100 #chd #stollerychildrenshospital

    Find The Imperfect Heart online.

  • Lava Form Collection: Unpredictable Beauty

    Published Mar 03 2020 in My Story, New Collections

    On a recent visit to Kailua, Hawaii we visited the "China Walls": A vast lava rock formation called “pahoehoe” or “smooth lava” in the heart of Oahu, near the base of Koko Head.  The petrified lava is not the traditional black tone but a lighter shade of greys, blues and greens as a greenish blue semiprecious stone has been embedded in the rock.  This rock contrasts with the brilliant blue sky & ocean & white splashes of waves.  The immense cliff and the rogue waves crashing into and sometimes on top of the cliff was breath taking.  Everyone jumped off the cliff at their own risk only to be challenged by climbing out of the water impeded by the waves and current. 

    And this was the inspiration for my new Lava Form Collection.  I wanted to emulate the irregular and ever changing landscape of the rock and the circular holes that formed pockets of water. 

    An unpredictable formation of lines and layers of rock:  like an unmade bed. I wanted to my bronze and silver pendants to remind me of the surface of the lava rock smoothed over by the continual washing of the waves. In this collection I have used larimar, aquamarine and amazonite semi precious stones to represent the sky & water.   Moonstone semi precious stones represent the white tops of the waves.  

    The Lava Form Collection is a composition of random and uncomplicated beauty.  It will always bring me back to that adventurous day with my family to a place that felt like the edge of the world. 

    Visit the: Lava Form Collection.

  • Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay True

    Published Nov 30 2019 in

    Thank you to my customers, the The Derrick Golf & Winter Club employees and my beautiful friends and family for making my Christmas show such a positive experience! This group of friends and family dropped everything to spend the day and night helping me; I am beyond grateful. ♥️ My customers continue to come out to support my small business and motivate me to continue to do what I love to do: Make jewelry. Over 200 people attended my show, amazing! My little idea became a big idea because people believed in me and I believed in myself. Dream big, work hard, stay true. 😊Thank you!! 

  • Orange Avocado Jewelry Christmas Show 2019: Limited Edition

    Published Nov 01 2019 in Events, Limited Edition

    Orange Avocado Jewelry Christmas Show

    Wednesday, November 27, 2019
    10am to 7 pm, Banff Room
    Derrick Golf & Winter Club, 3500-119th Street
    As I prepare for my upcoming show, I always set a goal for myself.  I create a limited edition collection that will only be available during the show.  My sketch book is full of endless designs that often come to life on these days.  Some make it to the show and some are reserved for later.  In the end it is always about creating something that is new, fresh, and original.  See what I have in store for you!  
    Event Details on my website HERE
    and on my Orange Avocado Jewelry Events page HERE.  Please feel free to sign up on my Facebook Events page.

  • Fashion with Compassion 2019: Compassion Sisters

    Published Oct 25 2019 in Philanthropy Jewelry

    SOLD OUT! Thank you all who purchased the “Harmony Necklace” in support of Compassion House Foundation at the Fashion with Compassion Gala yesterday. 100 necklaces were created for this event. Thanks to all of the hard working volunteers (including Lisa and Nasreem), compassion house employees (Kim, Nancy, Kerry) and Event Chair Joanne! Lastly I would like to thank my daughter Erin for coming to help me sell the jewelry and attend the event.  It is so important to me to show her the importance of philanthropy and how we are a village of sisters and brothers.  It was a full and gratifying day of acknowledging those women who are battling cancer. They are our Compassion Sisters.
    Compassion House is affordable housing for those receiving cancer treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. With your contributions a one day stay can be subsidized at $25 a night as well as lift the burden of extensive travel. Please consider donating to


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