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  • Pendulum Collection: F/W 2022

    Published Aug 30 2022 in

    The Pendulum Collection

    The movement of a pendulum is based on Newton’s first Law of motion: 
    A body at rest, stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion.

    My fall and winter 2022 Pendulum Collection is inspired by this metaphysical law.  It is the balance between rest and motion that I strive for; especially in these last few years.  I want to embrace those moments of rest; truly enjoy the freedom of rest and the peace that it brings. I also love to learn new things, ride my bike, and keep active.  This is my “motion”.  What is your rest and what is your motion?  At each stage of my life the balance between the two has changed.  It takes effort to try to balance the two out.  Sometimes this is within our control and sometimes it is beyond our control.   

    Time is measured by a pendulum. 
    This collection is your pendulum; your time and how you spend it. 
    I believe that when we have a balance between time, rest and motion
    we are truly peaceful. 

    Discover the Pendulum Collection online.

    xo Sandra

  • Orange Avocado Jewelry LTD: Change is Good

    Published Aug 28 2022 in

    Change is Good

    I hope you all have been enjoying this warm summer! What a treat it has been. As summer approaches a very hot and sunny end, I have a few important updates for you. 

    I have created a new Instagram account @OrangeAvocadoJewelryLTD as my previous account (@orangeavocadojewelry) has been compromised. You may unfollow the previous account and follow the new one to stay up to date with Orange Avocado Jewelry. 

    Although giving up my old account of 2.5k plus followers is difficult, I’m going to be positive approaching this new account as a fresh start, with newly inspired content for you all. I will be posting more photos of my custom and seasonal jewelry collections, a ‘behind the scenes’ look into myself working and creating, as well as some of my interests beyond jewelry, allowing you to understand more about me and the foundations of my jewelry creations. 


    I am also thrilled to announce that I am working on a new Fall/Winter Collection. The inspiration behind this collection is based on the premise of “a body at rest, stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion”. 

    Thank you all for your support, I can’t wait to see what the future brings our way on this new journey! 

    Sandra Paetsch 
    Orange Avocado Jewelry


    Always grateful,


  • petal collection: spring summer 2022

    Published Mar 13 2022 in abstract forms, mixed metals, New spring collecton, New Summer Collection, petal, spring summer collection

    petal collection:  spring summer 2022

    Color, abstract forms, nature.  The Petal Collection SS22 is composed of ultra-modern petal shapes in bronze and fine silver.  Color blocking the golden bronze tones  and the silver offers a quiet boldness.  And as we long for spring and then summer to arrive this collection sparkles with the yellow hues of citrine, soft spring pastels of aquamarine and rose quartz and creamy white moonstone.  Petals are hand sculpted as bold single petals or metal worked into delicate and pretty clusters.  It’s a collection about growth, hope and appreciating the little things in nature. 

    Discover the Petal Collection.

  • It's a new day

    Published Jan 06 2022 in My Story, New, new beginnings, new collection

    Christmas has come and gone and the rush of the orders and deadlines have subsided.  January is always a different mix of busy.  So many to do things on my list get crossed off; because I have honestly procrastinated the inevitable. I turn up the music and start on the list. First a foremost is cleaning my studio.  I'm glad to say that I am 1/2 way there and it's only the first week of January!  

    Then there are the supplies which I take inventory of.  Do I have enough silver and bronze for the upcoming season?  Add now a touch of solid gold...that's exciting for me!  You will see the expansion of my new 14 kt solid gold collection.  Each piece made to order one gorgeous piece at a time. That's what we call slow fashion.   


    I am also working on my new Spring and Summer Collection.  Let's just say that it's sweet, bright and pretty!  I am always looking for ways to set my jewelry apart from the masses.  One way is creating each piece one by one; there is no mass production involved. 


    Another is the launch of my new packaging.  I'm so excited to share it with you.  Your jewelry will be packaged in a beautiful black slide out jewelry box and a micro fibre jewelry pouch with the Orange Avocado Jewelry logo and a ziploc baggie to reduce tarnishing.   In efforts to reduce our impact on the environment you do have the option of choosing your preference for the number of boxes and jewelry pouches. 


    I'm moving into my 20th year of creating jewelry for you.  And each year I feel like I'm just getting started.  Scrolling through Instagram my friend posted this saying: "You will never always be motivated; so you must learn to be disciplined."  After 20 years, I truly believe that this is why I'm still here.  


    xo sandra

  • Taking it Slow

    Published Sep 24 2021 in vacations

    Slowing it down. Rode these switchbacks up and down everyday going to and from the Canmore Nordic centre. It was 5 days of climbing and discovering the Canmore trails on our gravel bikes. Paul took me on trails where I didn’t know what was coming up around the corner. So this sign says my life for the last two years. Slowing it down and taking it all in and it’s unpredictability.

    Slowed down and learned how to make sourdough, learned new jewelry techniques, got a cute puppy, got to know my neighbours better with the dog walks, and reconnected with friends. So although these last two years has been so unpredictable, it has taught me about how to take it slow and appreciate the ride.


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