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  • Athena Collection: Of Beauty Within

    Published Mar 02 2019 in


    My most vivid memories of learning about Greek mythology and the Greek empire was in high school. It was in my drama classes, with our teacher Ken Agrell-Smith, that I began to appreciate this ancient history. Agrell taught us to delve beyond the surface of a play by learning about the history around the writing of the play. He taught us about the grandeur and fall of the Greek empire and its mythological history.

    This collection is a homage to that history, the Greek Goddess Athena and to my teacher Agrell-Smith. Athena was the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law, justice, strategic warfare, math, strength and skill. She could have been an Olympic athlete, a lawyer, but just as likely a teacher, a friend, a mother, a daughter, a sister or a grandmother. She can be you or I.

    This is a collection of detail and of beauty within. In this collection are symbols representing the Goddess Athena. The olive leaf is from the olive tree; a gift that Athena offered to the King of Athens, Cecrops. The labyrinth pendant represents the labyrinth made by King Minos to imprison the Minotaur monster. The turquoise stone represents energy, wisdom, serenity, friendship, love & loyalty. Labradorite is a protective stone promoting healing and balance. These stones are scattered quietly within this collection.

    This past year the teacher that had the greatest influence in my life passed away. I have such fond memories of Agrell's passion for the arts, history, and his genuine love and support for each one of his students. Thank you Agrell.

    Find the Athena Collection here.

  • Bronze Turtle Charm: The Process

    Published Jan 12 2019 in bronze turtle, Custom Pieces

    Jen requested a bronze turtle charm on a stretch bracelet.  The process is involved including carving & etching the bronze clay to get every detail correct. Each pendant I make is handcrafted & takes often 7 hours to make from the initial hand sculpting of the piece, drying, etching, firing in my kiln, burnishing and tumbling. Then I incorporate the charm in a piece of jewelry.  Here I have it within a matte amazonite beaded stretch bracelet.  Slow and steady wins the race!

  • Christmas Show Gratitude

    Published Nov 29 2018 in Events, My Story

    Gratitude is what I feel today❤️. So many thanks to my customers who came out to my Christmas show yesterday.  You braved the icy roads to support my little business.  Over 200 people attended the is it so I say each time to my daughter.  So much love to my friends and family who helped me with my show:  Calla, Kirsten, Erin, Rayna, Roma, Alex, Jackie,Debbie, my mom Kim and Aidan.  I cannot do it without your help each year!  Each of you make changes in your busy schedules to help me...incredible! A final thanks to the staff at the Derrick Club, they are the most accommodating and friendly people to work with. Big hugs to all of you.  Now go and enjoy your jewelry.

  • Fashion with Compassion: Drop Every Fear

    Published Oct 26 2018 in Events

    Drop every fear
    Breast Cancer Warrior
    A place without judgement
    A place to drop every fear
    Words by Jayleen, former resident of
    Sorrentino's Compassion House
    I was honoured to be a part of Sorrentino's Compassion House Fashion with Compassion 2018 this year, creating a limited edition Bronze Layered Heart Bracelet. It was thrilling to see all of the 125 bracelets that I made were sold out last night. I have been creating a limited edition piece for the last 6 years for the organization. And each year I am inspired and touched by the personal stories that each resident brings to this event. A heartfelt note of gratitude to Mellissa Kraft, executive director, and Joanne Berger; for their support of my craft and fearless support of the cause. The Sorrentino's Compassion House is affordable housing for out of town residents who are undergoing cancer treatment at the Edmonton Cross Cancer Institute. With donor support each resident can stay for $25 a night; where the actual cost of a stay is $125 a night. Please read more about this organization at
    #supportastay #yegfwc #yegsch

  • Best of Edmonton 2018 & Edmonton Made Gift Catalogue

    Published Sep 28 2018 in Highlights, News

    It's been a good year for me.  My jewelry was voted for the 6th time Best of Edmonton 2018 "Best Custom Jewelry Store" by Edmontonians who have supported me from the beginning.  It is the raw and handcrafted aesthetic of my jewelry that continues to have an allure for my customers.  I am very grateful that my work is acknowledged by them.  Also having one of my pieces of jewelry curated and chosen to be in the Edmonton Made Gift Catalogue 2018 has been a major highlight.  Although I have been at this craft for over 16 years, I was still nervous as to what to submit.  I choose the "Solitary Pebble Necklace" which is inspired by the circles formed when you  skip a pebble in the water.    Here is the link to the Solitary Pebble Necklace.
    This is picture of my daughter Erin
    when she was 3 years old
    skipping rocks in the pond at Hawrelak park. 
    My Solitary Pebble Necklace reminds me of this day. 
    Of this moment.
    Memories of my little one. 
    Inspiration for my jewelry comes to me daily.  I am always creating pieces in my head which I then often draw out and then head into my studio to create it in bronze or silver.  It is a neverending process that I live for each day.
    Thank you for acknowleding this desire to create every day.


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