Inner Spirit Collection: Calm, Serenity & Balance

Published Mar 17 2018 in New Collections

My family and I were able to visit my sister in Kailua, Hawaii again this year.  It’s been a few years since I last visited this beautiful natural landscape of ocean, lava formed mountains, and endless greenery.  It was like we never left.  We all fell comfortably into our routine of tank tops, shorts and flip flops.  The roosters woke us up every morning along with the morning military bugles playing “Reveille” (we lived just off the nature reserve near the Kaneohe military base).  We ran or swam every day.  We tried to beat the heat and would start our runs just as the sun was rising, but never managed to conquer it by the time that we got home.  But each time I was out there I felt at peace as the sweat dripped from my brow. 

You see, I am at peace with routine whether it be at an old vacation spot with my family or at home at my jeweller’s bench.  There is comfort in familiarity.  

The Inner Spirit Collection is inspired by our quest to find contentment in our lives. Your inner spirit let’s you know that you are loved, and that you are enough. Incorporating the beautiful semi-precious stones of the earth discovered in Kailua, I have created a jewelry collection exuding calm, serenity, and balance.  The colors are subtle and pure: soft ocean blues in the chalcedony & laramar stones and radiant spa green tones in the peridot and gooseberry stones.  It is a celebration of the captivating beauty in nature and ourselves. 

Find the collection here:  Inner Spirit Collection


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