Sculpt Collection: Jewels One by One

Published Aug 04 2016 in New Collections

Every. Day.  
Every day I roll the silver in my hands.  Every day I sculpt the silver into curves, lines & bends.  It's an expression of my art.  Then first test pieces of silver for each collection are always the most exciting for me to see when I open my  kiln, when I burnish the surface taking away the crystallized layers, when I make it into a wearable piece of jewelry.  
And these are the elements of my Sculpt Collection.  Classic fine silver in harmony with the deep grey tones of steel chain, labradorite and pyrite semi-precious stones.  So much thought has gone into this hand crafted and individually metal worked collection of abstract corners and lines against curves.  
It's a study of shape, form and texture.
Although I love this entire Sculpt Collection, I do have a few favourites. I am wearing them on rotation:  Abstract branches earrings, Four corner necklace & bracelet, Labradorite & Freeform silver nugget double wrap bracelet.  I've done this for now over ten years & each time I sculpt a piece of silver or bronze it is still exciting for me to see the piece evolve.  To create a new collection each time is an expression of that excitement & joy that I have for making something new each & every day.  
Every day.
 So I now share with you my Sculpt Collection.  
SCULPT Collection online: 


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