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  • The Year of 2012: Thankful

    Published Dec 17 2012 in My Story

    I am blessed.  Four years ago I quit my job as a speech-language pathologist to pursue a full time career in jewelry making.  Oh the reactions I got from colleagues, friends, family...not too sure if I was crazy.  After eight years of making jewelry I am grateful that I am still passionate about something that is a dream come true for me.  Ever since I was small I can remember making something out of nothing, making a mess, and trying to think of what next to make.  As a young adult, I took the responsible road and went to university and got a degree; that was smart and good for me.  It gave me confidence & made me more assertive. I have met the most amazing people along my road of a doing a responsible job. 

    This year alone I acquired four new stores that sell my jewelry, two across Canada, in addition to the six that I already sold at.  All different clientele with different jewelry tastes, and somehow my ever-changing jewelry line suits each one of those tastes.  With alot of hard work I launched my online store this year.  Again, I am grateful.  But not only that, I continue to meet the most interesting and amazing people along this journey ... so thank you.

    To my daughter who loved oranges 
    To my son who loved avocados 
    When they were wee little ones 
    To my husband who challenges me 
    To become the best that I can be 
    And who loves me unconditionally 
    To my friends and family who support me through my business 
    To my customers and boutique owners who believe in me... 

    Thank you from the bottom of 
    My heart.

  • CAMTA - Giving Back

    Published Nov 30 2012 in

    It’s always amazing to me how making jewelry connects me to the most interesting people and organizations.  I was introduced to CAMTA (Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad) through Barb, a customer.  Barb was one of a handful of founders of this organization along with her husband.  Once a year a group of medical professionals including surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, physiotherapists to name a few , travel to Equador to provide free orthopedic surgery services to those in need.  Up to 80 surgeries are performed in 2 weeks.  Its a whirwind of travelling, setting up a surgical site, surgeries, education to the medical staff, families and support staff.  

    Ideally I would love to travel with my husband and children to help with this absolutely wonderful cause.  However, considering my children too young to take part I wondered how else I could help.  What do I know best?  In the end I decided to make a small jewelry line where 50% of the sales would be donated to CAMTA.  CAMTA requires funds to cover their travel & living costs, and medical and surgical supplies.  I was thrilled and honoured to be associated with this organization.    

    Although this is a small effort on my part, I hope to bring awareness to this organization.  You can find out more about CAMTA at

  • Holiday Collections 2012

    Published Nov 03 2012 in My Story, New Collections


    I always like to make a little Holiday collection every year.  It’s my way of adding some decadence to my current designs.  

    In between all of my jobs as a mom, wife and business person my head is always spinning with jewelry ideas.  I’ve been known to take my sketch pad everywhere I go just so that I can jot down an idea, which eventually grows into a concept for a design.  There have been so many designs in my head for my Holiday Collection this year that I have come up with three styles:  Swarovski Crystal Collection,  Spike Collection and my Ombre Effect Collection.  

    My favourite Holiday Collection is my Ombre Effect.  I learned this summer from metal clay artist Hadar Jacobsen how to emulate the ombre effect with bronze and copper (an amazing process), and thought that I could transfer this look to the luxurious fine silver beads and Swarovski crystals.  A gradual transition from fine silver (99.9% silver) faceted beads to the swarovski crystals emulates the ombre effect in an elegant way.  The necklace can be worn long, doubled and short, or as a wrap bracelet with the pendant off.  The fine silver diamond pendant and perfect circular Swarovski crystal reflects my current aRt DeCo Collection.   A double wrap bracelet with the ombre effect and the silver diamond pendant is a perfect match.  The earrings complete the look.  I love how it turned out.  

    Enjoy the season with a little sparkle and shine with my new Holiday Collections!


  • Three Too Many...

    Published Nov 03 2012 in

    In my twenties my co-worker, Debra, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In my thirties my neighbourhood friend, Allison, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Now in my forties my friend, Debbie, is diagnosed with breast cancer.  One for each decade and I am just one person ... that's three too many.  How many do you know?  How many do we not know?

    For the second year in a row, I have created a small jewelry set in support of Breast Cancer Research.  I have created a simple necklace with a pink swarovski crystal pendant and three fine silver beads at the side to represent the three survivors that I know.  I have made a beaded bracelet in a pink jade semi-precious stone with a pewter breast cancer symbol.  I have brought back my fine silver link & pink swarovski crystal channel charm earrings.  The necklace & bracelet are $65 each & the earrings are $45.  Twenty percent of the sale of these pieces will be donated to the breast cancer organization and will be sold exclusively through my website and through the lovely store "mbellish" in Sherwood Park.

    I hate cancer; I love my friends.

  • Art Deco Movement: Fall & Winter 2012 Collection

    Published Nov 03 2012 in New Collections


    I love the transition from my sketches to the actual production of my jewelry. This year my sketches have been inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s and 30’s. I have taken the stylistically simplistic forms of geometric shapes and deconstructed them into pieces of jewelry art.  The Art Deco era was also representative of the German Bauhaus movement in architecture; think modular shapes and clean lines that flow from one piece of furniture to another. I can’t get enough of the flow of the basic geometric shapes; when combined in the most creative of ways produces strong yet beautiful pieces of jewelry.  So here it is Art Deco relived ... with an Orange Avocado Jewelry spin!


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