The Story of Orange Avocado Jewelry...

  • Art Deco Movement: Fall & Winter 2012 Collection

    Published Nov 03 2012 in New Collections


    I love the transition from my sketches to the actual production of my jewelry. This year my sketches have been inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s and 30’s. I have taken the stylistically simplistic forms of geometric shapes and deconstructed them into pieces of jewelry art.  The Art Deco era was also representative of the German Bauhaus movement in architecture; think modular shapes and clean lines that flow from one piece of furniture to another. I can’t get enough of the flow of the basic geometric shapes; when combined in the most creative of ways produces strong yet beautiful pieces of jewelry.  So here it is Art Deco relived ... with an Orange Avocado Jewelry spin!

  • Dear Hadar Jacobsen:

    Published Nov 03 2012 in My Story


    It was an honour to learn over the course of 4 days the art of metal clay through the eyes of an artist.  You have opened my eyes and taught me skills in mixing patterns of different metals to a higher level.  The art of Mokume Gane came alive with your techniques and inspired all of us to create outside of our boxes.  You are a woman of exceptional talent; I am humbled by your humility and unlimited knowledge. Over 4 days I was inspired by my fellow artisans who all came from different backgrounds of metalworking, glass working and jewelry making.  I am a speck in a sea of endless talent and beautiful women (and one token male) who want to learn, share knowledge and just do what they love to do...make some jewelry one piece at a time.  What a refreshing outlook on artisan made jewelry in a world of mass production.  


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